What are variables when you are negotiating?

When you are negotiating, you need to understand your variables. Inexpensive valuable concessions that cost you nothing but can be really valuable to the other side. Watch the clip below to learn more. They can be drawings, introductions, payment terms, extras etc...

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Look, listen and learn when negotiating

When in negotiations and we are negotiating every day make sure you raise your sensory awareness to what is happening. In the 15th Century, Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted as saying. The average person The average person looks without seeing, listens without hearing,...

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What not to say when negotiating your salary

I talk about salary negotiating in win win - how to get a winning result from persuasive negotiating. Here is an article from "fast company" which has some very useful tips. Remember it is US not UK based but it is really helpful Salary negotiations are stressful, but...

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How to look out for lying when negotiating!

How to look out for lying when negotiating! When you are @negotiating, and we are negotiating all the time when we have interactions with other people, humans tend to lie. In fact one Professor of Psychology estimate that people can lie up to 200 times a day. Of...

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Negotiate and Haggle. Always!

In life, there are two types of people: hagglers and non-hagglers. It's part of the negotiation process. The hagglers get the discounts and the non hagglers don't. There is no reason to just do it on holiday, try it everywhere. If you don't ask you don't get Though...

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