Peace summit for Brexit negotiations

Theresa May to hold Brexit peace negotiation summit for feuding cabinet Brexit negotiations are crucial for UK trade. The Negotiation Expert writes - Internal negotiations continue about the depth of the "brexit negotiations" in the UK government, who cannot agree...

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Negotiating Brexit. Why there will be resets!

When we are negotiating we always need to keep reviewing our negotiating positions. As the press reported this week the #brexit negotiations need to be reset. Resetting will happen a great deal when there are such huge issues at stake, a huge number of different...

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How to negotiate on the phone

Power Of The Phone in Negotiations Ever since digital technology started to play such a prominent in business, more and more entrepreneurs have adopted email, text messages and even social media as their primary method of communication. Of course these methods are...

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How to negotiate a discount

Mindset is key You need the right mindset. The mindset to negotiate discounts at every opportunity. Frame this thought in your mind so that always you are thinking about how you can get money off. You need to think you are going to get a reduced price on everything...

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International Negotiating

International Negotiating - Vital secrets everyone should know  Basic assumption: One of the basic assumptions of negotiating is that everyone is different in a variety of ways, so we need to understand the other side and where they are coming from. This is even more...

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How to negotiate by email

5 Tip Top Tips for effective email negotiating Email has become the communication method of choice for many people in business today, but because it is largely a one-way communication tool with no immediate feedback, it should perhaps be used sparingly for...

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Six car buying secrets

Six car buying secrets you need to know This also links to youtube clip – 186,000 plus views Derek Arden - First published in Used Car Expert  - Car negotiating YouTube link https://youtu.be/3lWg_RG-8u8 The first of my car buying secrets - Build rapport but do not...

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How to negotiate blindspots with feedforward

The Johari's window model is invaluable to me when I am working with others and even when I am working on my own development. After all we are always learning. When we are persuading people I always look at it as a negotiation. Attempting to get the other person to...

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