Don’t negotiate with a blindfold on!

Don't negotiate with a blindfold on because if you do you won't see the key issues that will make the difference. What I mean by this is open your eyes, ears and all your senses to what is happening. Are people telling the truth? Are people telling the truth but...

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How to negotiate with bullies

How to #negotiate with bullies is a question that I often get asked. The first thing to do is to recognise that the behavior of bullies is something that the person probably has always done. At school and because they got their own way by using these tactics, that's...

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What are Negotiation Coaching questions?

Negotiation Coaching Questions - for briefing and debriefing your negotiations Preparation What do you want to achieve? What will be the benefits of achieving this? How much do you want to achieve it? What preparation have you done? What else might you be able to do?...

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What are variables when you are negotiating?

When you are negotiating, you need to understand your variables. Inexpensive valuable concessions that cost you nothing but can be really valuable to the other side. Watch the clip below to learn more. They can be drawings, introductions, payment terms, extras etc...

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Look, listen and learn when negotiating

When in negotiations and we are negotiating every day make sure you raise your sensory awareness to what is happening. In the 15th Century, Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted as saying. The average person The average person looks without seeing, listens without hearing,...

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