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Negotiating Expert, Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author

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  • Someone who will inspire people to negotiate more income and reduced costs 
  • Author of an international best selling book
  • An award winning speaker.

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When you use Derek?

Increased profits

Increased returns

Increased confidence

One client said “Using Derek as our negotiation adviser we saved over a £1m in fees”
  1. Whether you choose a keynote talk, a masterclass or Derek to MC and input to your conference or awayday; you get an award winning educator.
  2. An educator who has studied Negotiation at the Harvard Business School, a negotiator that has negotiated one billion pound deals and a speaker that has served clients on all 6 continents.
  3. It has been estimated that a masterclass pays back in extra profits as quickly as 2 weeks and a keynote at a convention in just one week.
  4. A keynote or a masterclass can be 60 / 90 minutes, half a day or a full day depending on the time you have available.


“Thanks for the brilliant contribution you made to the CIMA South East Conference. I know we worked you hard and people found what you were sharing incredibly valuable”
Duncan Brodie

Chairman Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – South East

“I have heard Derek speak on negotiation, from Melbourne to Manchester. I never get tired of hearing his inspirational presentations which are full of business nuggets to use in win win situations.”
Alan Stevens

President, Global Speakers Federation

“I very much enjoyed the ‘CIMA’ negotiating seminar you gave last night in Croydon, and learned a lot from listening to you.I particularly liked the positive energy of your presentation.”
James Smith - Accountant Surrey

Justin Urquhart-Stewart

One of the most recognisable and trusted market commentators on television, radio and in the press

“Derek Arden the negotiation expert from Surrey who will show us how to negotiate the best deals”
“Survival Street” documentary Meridian television

“A thoroughly insightful session at our global convention that connected directly with the everyone due to Derek’s great depth of experience and ability to interact with his audience. I would recommend Derek to anyone who wants a lively session with a serious bottom line profit motive.”
Alan Hughes

Director, Global Tax at Diageo

Geoff Ramm

Win Win 

How to get a winning result from Persuasive Negotiating, published by Pearson Education (the world’s largest educational publishers) in 2015. To date it has received 36 reviews on Amazon of which 31 have received 5 star.  The book took 18 months to write and it is the culmination of 25 years of studying the best negotiators in the world, being an international negotiator – together with speaking professionally on the subject in 28 countries and 5 continents.

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Derek Arden
Derek’s keynotes, masterclasses and workshops are educational – all based on fun with a serious intent. The serious intent being INCREASING YOUR PROFITS, your results and your confidence.

The Businessman

During Derek’s role as Chairman of the Professional Speaking Association the membership went up from 200 to 620 in just three years.

The Speaker

Motivational results. In the last 20 years Derek has given more than 5000 live presentations of various sizes. He is one of only 50 people to hold the highly coveted award of Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

The Negotiator

Derek has been negotiating at worldwide for over 25 years. He has studied the subject at Harvard, written best selling books on the subject and his Masterclasses get very fast results. His company the negotiating agency provides confidential advice on negotiating situations, with either Derek in attendance at the meetings or coaching behind the scenes.

The Business Consultant

Derek quickly identifies the issues that create added value and focuses on what will increase sales, profits and staff retention. He trains and mentors the important people personally.