Derek’s Negotiation Expert Service

Negotiation expertise that means when people use Derek they get phenomenal results, a better deal and more cash in the bank. Is that something you need?

The advice can be face to face, over the telephone or in the meeting with your client on a discreet basis.

30 years of experience at Large Commercial level and also dealing with small businesses. The largest negotiation he has been involved in was the £2.5billion syndicated loan facility arranged for Granada where for three days running the meetings went into the middle of the night.

Derek has studied strategic and tactical negotiation at the Harvard Business School, studied the psychology of the subject with his two NLP certifications and spoken in 27 countries around the world to over 5000 people. Derek will advise you on any negotiation situation however complex or simple.

In today’s fast changing world, the psychological tricks, tactics and techniques are not always understood even by the best business people and entreprenuers. Secondly when you are emotionally involved in a negotiation, because it effects you directly you often can’t see or understand what is happening. You need a time out, some space etc. This is why agents do so well. Derek can fill that void by being available by phone, by email or to attend meetings with you.

Derek’s service can help with amazing results.

With Derek’s experience he is superbly placed to see you through the dirty tactics you may get involved in and advise you on the best course of action. Helping you with your positioning of the transaction (s) in question and make more money or save more money