Speaking Masterclasses – Award winning speaker DEREK ARDEN was voted the #1 UK speaker on negotiation last year. He also won the prestigious award, the Professional Speaking Association’s Founders award for motivational and Inspirational Business Speaking. 


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“Thanks for an inspirational negotiation learning day yesterday for my team at Nedbank. Huge amounts of energy, positivity and tremendous value. Rob Currie Head of Relationship Management”.




1 – Negotiation Expert Masterclass 


Based on Derek’s best selling book “Win Win – How to get a winning result from persuasive negotiations.


Part 1 – The critical steps on the ladder of Negotiating


The key elements of psychology in pitching, presenting, persuasion to get to the negotiating table.


  • The power of Win Win Win. Fast track rapport
  • The negotiators scorecard – the 11 steps
  • EGO’s and Power. ME plc
  • Preparation – analysis of the positions, options. Targets BP-TP-WAP-AP
  • Pricing, USP’s features v advantages v BENEFITS – WIIFM
  • Forensic questioning and high quality listening
  • The psychology of bargaining, trading and haggling
  • Networking and negotiation. Know, like, trust. Information is power
  • Handling conflict and difficult people


Part 2 – Advanced Negotiating Strategies


  • Reading people, issues and situations.
  • Applied positive psychology – NLP – sensory awareness in negotiating
  • Tactical moves – traits of influencing
  • Handling psychological manoeuvres –
  • Micro and macro body language, tone and language
  • The truth about spin and lying –
  • Some people don’t want to play fair.
  • Hearing what is not said – using your intuition
  • How to negotiate with variables – inexpensive valuable concessions
  • Confidence, experience and wisdom
  • Review


The masterclass is inspirational, educational, fast paced and Derek’s latest book published by Pearson is included.




2 – Presentation Pitching and Positioning Masterclass. 


Based on Derek’s highly acclaimed book “Presenting Phenomenally” which is included in the masterclass.


“Derek’s day to 25 NHS Care Commisioners was inspiring and helped them upgrade their presentation skills to enable them to make much clearer, succinct presentations with confidence”. Jane Kidger


Objectives – The masterclass will increase your skills, increase your results and increase your confident to present, pitch and persuade.


The following topics will be covered on the MasterclassThe importance of clear and focused objectives, agendas and outcomes

 How to structure the presentation – start with the end in mind

  • The opening – the closing – the sandwich in the middle
  • How to use –
    • Mindmaps, cards and notes
    • Flip charts, White boards, A/V and Projectors
    • Powerpoint, keynote, screenshots, videos
    • Handouts, pitch documents and USP’s
    • Visuals – Props – Materials
  • How to avoid death by powerpoint and bullet points
  • 1st Impressions, building rapport, seating
  • Accessories, props, business cards 
  • Presenting or pitching – attention spans
  • Power of stories – (PSA) – point, story and application
  • Using Influence, Neuro psychology (NLP) and the power of three
  • Opening and the ABC of closing.
  • What happens when the time is cut short
  • Questioning and listening. Body language
  • Networking and elevator pitches.
  • What we can learn from the Masters. Modelling
  • Professional Speaking Association – Global speakers association
  • Remember presenting should be a present for the audience
  • Confidence, self management and handling stress