From Professor Dan Remenyi Phd, Society of Authors
Derek Arden presentation on negotiation is outstanding. His energy and enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. He leaves no-one in any doubt that negotiation is part of his life force. Furthermore it is perfectly obvious by listening to him that he is not just a well-read speaker but a man who has fully mastered the practice of his subject. As negotiation is a central part of everyone’s life listening to Derek Arden should be compulsory.
Graham Jones – Chief Executive – Professional Speaking Association – I just wanted to add my voice to all the “thank you” messages you have received today following your handover of Chairmanship to Tim Luscombe. I have worked more closely with you than most of the other Board members over the years and I have seen the immense amount of work and mental energy you have put into the PSA. We are stronger and more successful because of your significant and tireless work. In recent days we have had a small surge in membership applications and the confirmed number of active members is now 556, according to the Sheep database. When you took over as Chairman it was 250, so you have clearly helped spearhead a dramatic shift in the fortunes of the PSA.
It has been fantastic working with you. I have learned a lot and enjoyed our time together.

Lorna Blackett – Best Book Recommendation ” Win Win by Derek Arden. It has not only helped me in the business world, I have also used the techniques on my Kids. So definitely a Win Win for me. June Kidger NHS – Safeguarding Course Director “Having attended a workshop with a colleague, led by Derek a few years ago and coming away inspired, we invited Derek to contribute to the national NHS Clinical Leadership for Safeguarding Children Programme. Derek facilitated sessions in influence and negotiation and bought a new aspect to the NHS and the programme. He encouraged participants to consider very different ways of negotiating, to look world wide and try out a range of skills. He was such an inspiration to the programme and to me personally. I have read a number of his books and have used a whole range of his techniques ( successfully). Derek’s work comes up constantly in conversations ‘how would Derek deal with this’ , ‘Do a Derek’. Derek has a lot to offer the NHS and would recommend him as he can bring such value and add richness. “Thank you sir !!! I am a big fan of your book and I also feel very proud to have you as a connection !   With respect -Hristo – ~Bulgaria – September 2016 ——— To be honest we have moved forward in our relationships and therefore our negotiations although we do still have challenges. We have effectively used a number of the skills you outlined in our training, especially the roles in meetings. Richard Osborne – Highways England August 2016 —— Re: NHS Clinical Leadership Programme for Safeguarding Children – Module 2 Leicester  Just had to let you know that verbal and written feedback from Module 2 this evening confirmed that delegates rated your session as ‘Amazing’ and ‘Brilliant’. You have worked so hard to meet the needs of the delegates and have willingly adapted your style and the content of your sessions to meet the specific needs of safeguarding professionals in the NHS. As a result, you have made a huge contribution to the NHS Clinical Leadership Programme for Safeguarding Children and we cannot thank you enough! We also appreciated your generosity in providing delegates with books to take back to their workplace with a view to enhancing their negotiation and influencing skills which are so important in the changing landscape of the NHS.It has been a privilege to work with you. Kind regards, – June Kidger and Jane Appleby – Programme Facilitators On a serious note, I have found reading ‘Power negotiating’ really enlightening and what I like about the way you have written it is that once read you can pick it up and reference a particular area, which is great for ongoing skills development and something I plan to do for my own self development. Although I will not be benefitting from the Masterclass, this has been a great opportunity for me to access your expertise which is relevant, as you quite rightly point out, to everyone as we all have to negotiate in life. This is something I hadn’t really thought about before, so thank you for sharing your book with me and triggering my curiosity about the topic .

What people say:

‘A thoroughly insightful keynote session to close our global tax convention that connected directly with the everyone; due to Derek’s great depth of experience and ability to interact with his audience’. Alan Hughes – Global Director of Tax – Diageo Plc


It was very strange when I had to decide to visit or not your masterclass in Sofia for second time.
A friend of mine told me it will be waste of money and time. In spite of all I met you in Sofia this year again.
I wanted to feel your energy at live presentation, yet I was there with my wife and son and you succeeded to light fire in them also.

Petar Valkanov – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Derek’s book was invaluable this morning in a meeting where my colleague and I needed to secure a position – the verbal agreement was successful, lets hope the action follows!  Elaine Lilley – CEO EPB


I always remembered Pasce Agnos Meos, but didn’t know/remember the English translation. As an author, lecturer and speaker you encompass all the main elements of it’s meaning ‘feed my lamb’ (it is taken from the Bible; although, if you are like me, that bit may not apply). Bob Eaton


“Wow! Derek, an inspiration. Derek and I did some great things at Oxfam. I met him by chance and have never looked back.I attended, as his guest, one of his seminars. He brought the whole day to an edge of excitement and in his way enthralled the whole audience – he is also a great sounding board and a ‘can do’ person, who listens and structures purchasing strategies with his clients all to the positive. He’s also a great guy. I can’t suggest anyone who does does it better.”We met at the WiB Superconference almost 2 years ago.

Phil Sweeney – Oxfam

It’s funny, I took a copy of your book away that day, and have never had the chance to turn to page one. Last night with an internet outage in my house, and unable to read my usual blogs, I picked up Power Negotiation slightly pessimistic, as I already try and negotiate all transactions and interactions and began reading.

I couldn’t put it down.I had to eventually stop to get some sleep, but I wanted to drop you a message and say that you have written a great book. There’s a lot of stuff I feel I do naturally and it is great to know be aware of it so I can control it. When I finish I will be sure to leave you a sparkling review on Amazon!”

Matthew Quinn PwC

<em”>If you want your audience to be engaged, enthused and overall thoroughly impressed with your event you have to hire Derek as your speaker. His knowledge of negotiating is second to none, and passion of the subject shines through when he encourages the audience to participate in an interactive workshop. We’d definitely ask Derek to speak at one of Business Builder Forums again.”

Meades and Co

“Thank you so much for a great presentation to our 100 members at the ‘Women in Business Strategy Conference’. You got some amazing feedback which is fantastic.”

Jacqueline Frost, Chief Executive

I have worked alongside Derek for the last 5 years as both a motivational speaker and as the President of the Professional Speaking Association UK. He is without a shadow of a doubt one of life’s great thinkers / doers and succeeders! He forever brings great energy to a room whilst whipping delegates into shape to succeed in developing themselves and their business.

Derek is a natural born leader and you will be hard pushed to find a more genuine person. Whether you decide to book him for a 1:1 or to speak at your event — you’ll be delighted with the results. I would highly recommend him (and I do).”

Geoff Ramm, Marketing Speaker

“I would just like to reiterate their thanks… so THANK YOU very much for delivering an excellent session on Saturday — one guy even wrote on the feedback that you should lecture on the MBA programme!”

“Thank you for the outstanding masterclass you delivered. Your insights and strategies relating to Negotiating are both powerful and practical. There has been overwhelming praise for an extraordinary session of continuous professional development. On a personal note, may I express my gratitude for the commitment and generosity in delivering such a thought provoking presentation.”

Frances Edmonds — D Group

“I have worked with Derek for over 20 years as a competitor when he was with Barclays and subsequently as a customer (of his training business); he is able to translate theory into practice in a way that makes people think differently about a situation or challenge; creating powerful outcomes.”

Steve Pateman — Head of UK Corporate and Commercial Banking, Santander Bank UK plc

Derek has been working with me for the last 3 years on a 1:1 basis as coach and mentor. As head of a secondary school it can be very tempting to move away from vision and strategy towards more operational activity. In order for pupils to achieve their potential, leadership teams in schools need to be focussed on the future. During our conversations, Derek has — through business models and introducing examples of private sector business strategy — enabled me to focus beyond education. This in turn has enabled my teams to see practice within the business world which has an impact on the future lives of young people. In an ever more challenging and competitive market in education, looking beyond the obvious is vital for success.”

Mrs Sue Bullen — Headteacher, Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere, Surrey

“Derek is wholly unique in his ability to speak about and put across his vast expertise in negotiation in a delightful, entertaining, highly informative and engaging manner. His Masterclasses on the subject are legendary and equip each and every one of his delegates with negotiation tools they will never forget.”

Roger Harrop — The CEO Expert

“After attending Derek’s Masterclass, one of my clients saved £175,000 on just one deal. Derek’s style ensures that people can quickly adjust their own style to maximize their results.”

Mike Ogilvie — Managing Partner OBC Accountants

“I attended the feedback session at the last module of the NHS North East Developing Talent Programme for aspiring Finance Directors last week and the feedback was fantastic. They loved your session and found it incredibly useful. Many thanks again for your valuable contribution and in making the programmes very successful and well respected.”

Alison Myles — Learning and Development Director Healthcare Financial Management Association

“Dear Derek, just a quick note to thank you for the talk you gave last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback was fantastic. Thanks again.”

Jordan Poulton — President Oxford University Entrepreneurs

“Derek did a number of days work with us recently with the goal of enhancing the performance of key personnel in certain areas, where they needed development. He ran a diagnostic workshop that we all attended. Several smaller, focused workshops and 1-1 coaching with my people where I wanted increased performance. It all went really well and my staff are very pleased with the results. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in saying, ‘Use Derek.’”

Michael Elimer — Managing Director, Blazepoint Limited

“Thank you for volunteering to help Oxfam with their bank charge negotiations. Saving us over £210k was a fantastic achievement.”

John Shaw — Finance Director

“I have worked with Derek in a number of businesses; he is able to combine the art of training and development with common sense based on years of experience and a real ‘down to earth’ approach. He works well with small groups and in full scale conference presentations.”

Steve Pateman — MD Santander, Commercial Banking, London

“Thank you for travelling to Sheffield for our event. You held 100 people in concentrated attention all morning. You were inspiring, energetic, captivating and motivational. It takes a very talented speaker to stand in front of the Business Women of Sheffield and receive such positive feedback afterwards.”

Kate Stephenson — Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

At the Australian Professional Speakers Conference in Melbourne, Derek was described as one of the ‘World’s leading speakers, advisers and coaches on the art and science of negotiating.’

Alan Stevens, President of the Professional Speakers Association of Great Britain, says, “Derek is the best practitioner, mentor and speaker on Negotiation in the world.” Who knows if Alan is right — however, he has seen more than 1250 speakers in the world in his capacity as President.

November  — As part of Derek’s voluntary work, he helps Oxfam negotiate a saving of £201,950 on their banking charges. Finance Director, John Shaw, says, “Thank you, Derek, for bringing your unique win-win Negotiating style to help Oxfam.”

David Jones CBE — Chairman of Next PLC says, “Derek Arden has studied the art and science of Negotiation at the highest level. As a presenter, trainer and coach he has modelled himself on the best in the world.”

As a Director of an International Bank’s Corporate Banking Division, he negotiated many complex transactions; the largest was the financing of a £3bn takeover.

October — Derek teaches 120 Women to negotiate in Sheffield. All unanimously agreed that there is a fundamental difference in the way that men and women negotiate. Kate Stephenson Director of Event co-ordination at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce said, “This seminar was fantastic, it resulted in many asking if we would do another seminar with Derek, and we are early in 2009.”

“Your presentation at the ACE seminar last night in the Stormont Hotel was fantastic! I am a Graduate Electrical Engineer and feel that your philosophy on negotiation tactics will greatly influence how I negotiate and interact with clients/contractors/people throughout my job, and ultimately how I develop throughout my professional career. You are an inspirational speaker.”

Ciaran Stevenson

“Thanks very much for galvanising my guys over in York yesterday — this was a really useful session for me to join in, as all 40 delegates were from the North East region. As you witnessed, my own sales and relationship skills need more work(!) — but you have to get stuck in, don’t you. On a serious note,the work you did on negotiating around margin and fee was cutting edge stuff — pricing is a key challenge for me in UKBB and it’s great to see that your coaching supports our current needs and development areas amongst our Development RMs.”

Mark Winters — Regional Director, North East Region UK Business Banking

“Having seen Derek’s presentation, it is safe to say that he is the British answer to Anthony Robbins.”

Alex Eyquem — Chairman of the Association For Consultants and Engineers Progress Network

“Tangibly I estimate the increase in income for me in the past month has been in the region of £5,000 from increased fees and rates. One particular case earned a increase of £1,500 simply by the ‘sharp intake of breath’ and adding value on to the deal that I was putting together (I would not have got this beforehand). This is increasing as I am more and more tenacious.”

“I find that reading through the notes every morning before I start my day helps me to remember the main messages that I picked up from the day. I have to say that the day was a lot different to any other ‘training’ day that I have been on in my 30 years in this organisation. This was I feel entirely down to the passion that the course was delivered with.”

Alan Ewen

“A seminar delegate saved £75,000 the next day by implementing just one of Derek’s recommendations.”

Mike Ogilvie — Conference Director, South East Regional Entrepreneurs Conference

“Thank you, thank you for such a brilliant presentation — the feedback from everyone was ACE.”

Peter Thomson — Author, ‘Achievers Edge’ — world’s leading monthly audio magazine

Featured Testimonial

“Our call centre team have increased our revenues by £120,000 in the last 18 months directly due to Derek’s two workshops.”

CEO, Regional Building Society