Hello, everybody! I’m Derek Arden, and welcome to the 223rd edition of Monday Night Live Live and Uncut Podcast. Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Amy Rowlinson, a long-time friend of Monday Night Live. Amy joined us for our very first episode on March 23, 2020, which was a significant day for her as she launched her own podcast on that very date. Welcome, Amy, and thanks for joining us again. Can you share a bit about the first 25 years of your life?

Early Life and Career Beginnings
Amy shared that she grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, greatly influenced by Shakespeare and her father. She spent much time at local theatres and even became a national rowing champion in 1990. After studying linguistics at the University of Reading, Amy embarked on a career in the City of London, working for a recruitment company in Grosvenor Street. She managed a team of 400 temps weekly before taking a career break to raise her two children.

Achievements in Cricket and Professional Ventures
Amy’s dedication extended to cricket, where she was recognized by the English Cricket Board for her outstanding volunteer work, which brought together the community in a significant project. This recognition led to an unexpected opportunity with a project management company funded by James Caan from Dragon’s Den, which was ironically located opposite her previous office. She then set up her own business in 2016, focusing on property investment and networking meetings. Her entrepreneurial spirit saw her launch a podcast right as COVID-19 lockdowns began in March 2020.

Life Purpose Coach and Podcast Host
In addition to her professional ventures, Amy is a life purpose coach and the host of the podcast “Focus on WHY.” Her podcast explores the reasons behind why people do what they do, delving into their motivations and passions. Amy helps individuals discover and live their purpose, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s ‘why’ and actively creating a meaningful life.

Podcasting and the Power of Purpose
Discussing her podcasting journey, Amy highlighted that out of the 407 editions, a common trait among her guests was their conscious approach to life. They were not merely existing but living with purpose. Amy believes in the power of consciously creating one’s ‘why,’ emphasizing that it evolves as we do. She credits Simon Sinek’s concept of starting with ‘why’ as an inspiration but stresses the importance of constantly focusing and evolving one’s purpose.

Personal Stories and Writing
Amy is also a budding author, influenced by her grandfathers’ contrasting wartime experiences. One grandfather, a dedicated soldier, and the other, a peace advocate, both left indelible marks on her. She chose to write about her grandfather who was conscripted and held as a prisoner of war. Discovering his diary and other manuscripts after his passing, Amy felt a profound connection and responsibility to share his stories, incorporating life lessons and insights from her podcast.

Unlocking Potential and Overcoming Writer’s Block
Struggling with imposter syndrome, Amy sought help from a coach to overcome her self-doubt. Through a meditative dialogue with her late grandfather, she found the strength to continue writing. Amy’s journey was further enriched by serendipitous discoveries, including a box of her grandfather’s war-time diary and an old cassette interview of him.

The Discovery of a Priceless Treasure
Among her grandmother’s belongings, Amy found her grandfather’s scrapbook, detailing his experiences as a POW. This discovery was pivotal, as it provided her with authentic material to craft her book. The diary, full of vulnerable and poignant entries, offered a window into his psyche during the war.

Synchronicity and the Path to Publication
Amy shared that synchronicity played a significant role in her journey, connecting her with various people and resources just when she needed them. Her book, “Focus on Why: Your Uplifting Guide to Creating a Purposeful Way of Life,” weaves her grandfather’s stories with lessons from her podcast, providing readers with a guide to purposeful living.

Conclusion and Future Plans
As the interview concluded, Amy expressed gratitude for the support she received throughout her journey. She announced the upcoming launch of her book in October and promised to return to share more stories. Derek praised Amy’s resilience and dedication, highlighting her role as the later chronicler, fulfilling her grandfather’s vision.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Monday Night Live, and don’t miss Amy Rowlinson’s return for the book launch! Thank you for joining us, Amy, and we look forward to hearing more from you soon.