Virtual Negotiations via Zoom – Derek Arden

https://youtu.be/tRgLAYNy3Xg Derek Arden - Negotiations Expert Discusses Deal Making using Zoom Derek Arden the author of the Negotiations book Win Win talks about the new norms. Travel and Social Distancing are here at present - but deals still are being made over...

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Resilience in Crisis – Steve Head

https://youtu.be/qGVlS08N_sg Derek Arden with Steve Head Motivational and resilience speaker. Steve shares his positive model which any of us can use. Marketing strategy, staying in touch with people. Issues, concerns, and influence tips. Techniques that we all can...

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Social Media Marketing Derek Arden Approach

https://youtu.be/9ymmAK4Z_QQ Derek Arden with Justin Urquhart-Stewart and Freya Wordsworth This is background look at the social media marketing that Derek Arden uses. He is talking to Justin Urquhart-Steward and Freya. Derek is being frank about what has worked for...

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Business Negotiations in Different Cultures

https://youtu.be/_aOGq-mMH2U Derek Arden With Michael Williams Derek discusses with Mike Williams the cultural, business and negotiation issues doing business around the world. With an emphasis on the UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi Japan, China, Australia, USA...

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11 Steps To Success in Win Win – Derek Arden

https://youtu.be/99KPHmly_M4 Derek Arden Author of Win Win 11 Steps to Success from Win Win The 11 secrets of successful negotiating, sales and influencing. PreparationImpressionsQuestioningListeningUsing the hidden brain skillsReading body languageSpotting the...

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Peter Thomson – Personal Development Marketing

https://youtu.be/A3nHKpRAAF8 Derek Arden with Peter Thomson Peter Thomson In this full and frank, no holds barred, discussion with Derek Arden. We discuss:1 - Why you should write a book and how to write a book.2 - We are all Mexican Boatmen3 - Does the Acres of...

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Dr Lynda Shaw – How To Use Neuroscience

Derek’s Live Chat Show - Dr Lynda Shaw – Neuroscientist https://youtu.be/jh5loXV91lw NOTES by Jill Derek introduced Lynda as the next President of he Professional Speakers’ Association (in the UK and Ireland). Lynda began her career as an Air Hostess, had kids, ran a...

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Interview with Justin Urquhart-Stewart

I interviewed financial expert, media guru and professional speaker - Justin Urquhart-Stewart for my live chat show earlier this month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ah8hbeNAKM Jill English transcribed the fascinating discussion which ranged from negotiation our...

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