Interview with Justin Urquhart-Stewart

I interviewed financial expert, media guru and professional speaker - Justin Urquhart-Stewart for my live chat show earlier this month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ah8hbeNAKM Jill English transcribed the fascinating discussion which ranged from negotiation our...

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Derek Arden Web Chat – Influence

DEREK ARDEN WEB CHATS Influence and PersuasionDerek takes the viewers/listeners through the work of the most influential behavioural scientists in the psychology of influence and persuasion. Particularly the work of Professor Robert Cialdini. More details can be found...

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Derek Arden Web Chat – Justin Urquhart-Stewart

DEREK ARDEN WEB CHATS UK and USA Teams - One Minute Tips Derek Arden's Questions  1, Why he got shot at in Uganda 2 - How the red braces came about 3 - The post-covid economy 4 - How UK Plc will handle £150 billion of debt 5 - The difference between printing money and...

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