THURSDAY 30TH April – Various Education Topics – Graham Jones

 Universities and Online Virtual Education

Internet Psychologist, Head of Business Enterprise Degree at Buckingham University, and author of 28 Books Graham Jones, takes us through what he has learned in his varied career and how we can use that in our businesses and life.

How companies are misusing marketing on the internet.

How Buckingham University is adapting to online learning.

The issues with online learning.

How to avoid social loafing.

How nice people can become stars and aggressive people get crossed off.



Below are the key links to our educational resource library.

www.derekarden.co.uk – Main Website

www.negotiatorspodcast.com – Derek interviews leading experts

www.youtube.com/derekarden – Videos

www.slideshare.net – Slides


Derek has been voted the #1 Negotiation Speaker in the UK by a Professional Speakers Association survey.
Awarded the “Founders Award” for inspirational business speaking.
Best selling author of twelve books, MC, coach and masterclass leader.
Have a fantastic weekend and very best wishes for your success