Welcome to this briefing.

I hope you and your family are well and will stay well in these difficult and challenging times.


I know many NHS staff and other key workers read this briefing. On behalf of us and all the readers, a huge thank you to you, for the fantastic work you are doing for all of us, THANK YOU.



We have been piloting and researching the virtual meeting platform ZOOM. Spending many hours last week, finding the best way to host a valuable discussion/chat.

Zoom is easy to use, it doesn’t cost anything
(only your time) and you can use it from almost any device.

I know many people are adapting to working from home, so this week it is a privilege to host three 30 minute virtual meetings and I invite you to join me.




 Virtual tea and chat. 
Introduction to zoom, ideas from Derek, discussion and questions
plus 3 TipTopTips for this week! 

 Click here >> Tea and talk, 5.00 pm – 30 March

2 – Wednesday Lunchtime virtual sandwich – 1st April, 12.30 pm

 Tips from the world Positive and Sports Psychology (NLP)
Lunch discussion on, “How understanding psychology better can help you manage yourself” – with an expert guest.

 Click here >> Lunchtime, 12.30 pm – 1st April


3 – Thursday Evening (GMT) – 2nd April, 7.00 pm
Early evening discussion. Ideas sent in by listeners this week plus uncommon sense TipTopTips

Click here >> Evening, 7:00 pm – 2nd April

You can join 1, 2 or all 3 of these virtual meetings.
Please encourage others to join. You never know they might even help your children or your friends.

Please send me in any questions or tips for our readers and listeners in advance. 
You will be able to ask questions, post them in the chat box or keep your computer on mute and just listen at the time as well.




There are 20 interviews on the Negotiators Podcast for you to listen to at your leisure when you are travelling or just in the background.

I have been privileged to talk with “game-changers” in the business world.

My webmaster Keith says,

“Derek asks searching questions which will enable the listeners to take away snippets, ideas and wisdom to use in their careers and lives”.

Alternatively, you can watch the interviews here, on the video Vlog part of our website Click to Watch Vlogs

 In the latest podcast HERE – physiotherapist Alison Grose tells us how important it is to keep standing up and stretching when we are concentrating.

Alison says,

“Weekend warriors (people who exercise only at the weekend and don’t warm up first) end up at the physio and wonder why”.

Additionally, why if we take care of our body it will help take care of our minds and our mental health CLICK HERE

Let me tell you a little about Alison

I met Alison after a hockey injury and I have been visiting her practice on and off ever since then. Alison is a former NHS physiotherapist and now runs her own clinic in Woking, Surrey employing 6 other qualified practitioners

In the podcast Alison shares with us

  1. The mind-body connection
  2. Stretching at your desk
  3. Why you must keep hydrated
  4. Repetitive strain injury and a condition called text/tech neck
  5. The value of Cranial Sacral treatment

LINKEDIN – Last month’s podcast with Sam Rathling was very popular.



Below are the key links to our educational resource library.

www.derekarden.co.uk – Main Website

www.negotiatorspodcast.com – Derek interviews leading experts

www.youtube.com/derekarden – Videos

www.slideshare.net – Slides


Derek has been voted the #1 Negotiation Speaker in the UK by a Professional Speakers Association survey.
Awarded the “Founders Award” for inspirational business speaking.
Best selling author of twelve books, MC, coach and masterclass leader.
Have a fantastic weekend and very best wishes for your success