Time-Jacking – Tips To Stop Time Wasters – Derek Arden With Esther Stanhope

Time-Jacking – Esther Stanhope is convinced that she is giving more of herself than she should be.
How can we spot and more importantly stop time wasters?

Derek’s audience was sent to discuss in breakout rooms their solutions.

There was great feedback about Time-Jacking and dealing with time wasters

  • Advance payments up front
  • Scarcity – give a reason
  • What is the budget and money conversation at the start
  • Keep control of own diary
  • offer just two options
  • This is no longer a chat, it is a consultation – are you happy to start the clock now
  • Trial close
  • Give me a NO so that I can go out and get my next YES


From Paul Coleman : subordinates who “delegate” upwards

From Harry Simmonds : I got a great tip from Amy who I thank for that

From Tim Durkin : A time waster is a matter of perception. For a “Driver” personality any one that is an “I” (one more social) will be a time waster.

From Nancy Loates-Taylor : Tim, you’re right there!

From Eva Fanari : Agreed, Tim.

From Jon Lisby : Yes Tim – Spotting an “analytical” early is key – we need to deal with drivers who are just focussed on the outcomes

From William Buist : “That is where you start to pay me”

From Jon Lisby : As soon as you talk specifics rather than generally – you should start charging

From Godfrey Lancashire : agree

From Chantal Cornelius : I use Acuity.com for online diary bookings and send the link to select people. I block out time when I don’t want to have meetings with people – like all day on Mondays and Fridays; and only 10-5pm mid-week.

From William Buist : Seeking a “no” can be much more powerful at saving time than seeking a “yes”. Like Chantal’s example about budget.

From Eva Fanari : Oh yes, William. We tend to be scared of no.

From Chantal Cornelius : Chris Voss talks about getting to No.


Derek Arden

Esther Stanhope: