Monday Night Live started with Derek ‘Negotiator’ Arden giving some negotiation tips.

Cian Duggan founder of ‘Carbon Intelligence’ joins Derek ‘Negotiator’ Arden on Monday Night Live

Cian is a serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, business and society. Founder and director of Carbon Intelligence. A UK based data-driven carbon consultancy exists to enable businesses in a zero-carbon economy.

Carbon Intelligence has a staff of over 150 engineers, data scientists, strategy consultants and engagement professionals. They assist 140+ major UK and Global clients, ensuring their net-zero programmes are robust and driving real value.

Derek was curious to find out all aspects of his work including his visit to Necker Island to meet Sir Richard Branson.

Additionally, Cian’s hiring philosophy is one that many businesses could employ to their advantage – judging technical as well as attitudes.

There is also a great discussion about the start of this Carbon Intelligence business with negotiations about payment upfront and other ways to help cash flow.

Derek Arden