John Vine, CBE, QPM is a distinguished former law enforcement officer who has held key positions in the UK’s security and policing landscape.

He served as the Chief Constable of Tayside Police, where he oversaw the security arrangements for the G8 conference held in Gleneagles, Scotland. He was later appointed as the Chief Inspector of Borders, reporting directly to the Prime Minister of the UK, where he played a crucial role in shaping and implementing immigration and border policies.

After his retirement from the police service, John joined IBM as a security advisor, bringing his extensive experience and expertise to help organizations manage and mitigate security risks.

In this YouTube video, John will share his insights and experiences on the successful security operation surrounding Her Majesty’s funeral in September, highlighting the intricate planning and coordination required for such events. As a highly respected and knowledgeable professional in the field, John is someone worth listening to, and his expertise was recognized by the Prime Minister himself.

Derek Arden