In this episode of Derek Arden’s Monday Night Live Podcast, Carl Walsh provides a sneak peek into his upcoming book, sharing captivating stories and timeless lessons that blend the worlds of theater and business.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and be reminded of the fundamental principles that can help you succeed in both fields. Stay tuned for Carl’s book release in the coming year!

Theatre as a Business School: Carl Walsh, a successful actor, director, and business professional, discusses how his years in theatre provided valuable business insights. He emphasizes the importance of applying business principles to the world of entertainment.

Overcoming Challenges: Carl opens up about his personal journey, including dealing with a stutter and being underestimated by others. He highlights the power of being underestimated as a tool for success and its relevance in negotiation.

Lessons from the Stage: Carl shares lessons learned from his experiences in theatre, such as the significance of showing up, the joy in hard work, and the value of risk-taking with informed decisions.

Leadership and Collaboration: Carl emphasizes the importance of leadership, even when it comes from the bottom and the benefits of working with people who are better than you. He also stresses the importance of handling failures gracefully and learning from them.

Derek Arden