Part 2: Derek Arden in his Monday Night Live is interviewing Tracy Hooper – Power Of Words

Tracy is an international speaker and best selling author of the book, “The New Hello”. Tracy was first with us on Monday Night Live in February and the session was so popular she returns discussing – “Words to use and words to lose”

We will cover a smorgasbord of language to help influence and persuade others. We will cover –

Power of words
Impact words
The power pause
Hedges, validators and disclaimers
Sorry syndrome
The power of a name
AND much more in this fast-moving dynamic session.

Tracy summarises: I believe if you adapt some of these words to use, and lose, some of the words that you use are unnecessary are fillers or hedges.

You will find that not only will you have more confidence in yourself, but other people will have more confidence in you, and they will be more willing to talk to you and listen to you, and negotiate with you, and mentor you and hire you or promote you, or recommend you or introduce you.

There’s nothing but positive that can come from adopting some of these words and making them a part of your professional presence.


Derek Arden

Tracy Hooper