She advised against using “hedge words” and suggested using validators instead.

Tracy also recommended replacing “I’m sorry” with “thank you” to express gratitude instead of unnecessary apologies.

She emphasized the importance of having a pleasant resting face and engaging body language during Zoom calls to show interest and enthusiasm.

Additionally, Tracy shared her thoughts on the use of foul language and its impact on communication.

Tracy’s insights and strategies provide valuable guidance for individuals seeking to navigate the evolving world of work with clarity and confidence.

Books on powerful words Tracy Hooper’s book, “The NOW Hello: What to Say What to Do in The World of Work: Remote | Hybrid | In Person,” builds on the principles outlined in her previous book, “The NEW Hello.”

In this book, Tracy focuses on how to carry oneself with confidence in the modern workplace, which has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic.

The book provides guidance on speaking with influence and impact, leading remote or hybrid teams with confidence, promoting accomplishments while working from home, and communicating effectively with co-workers, prospects, and clients.

Tracy also shares strategies for networking with confidence in any setting.

Overall, “The NOW Hello” aims to help readers navigate the evolving world of work and communicate with clarity and confidence, whether online, in person, or in a hybrid environment.

Derek Arden