Monday Night Live – Discover the Art of Networking with Will Kintish

Join us for an exciting event called “Monday Night Live” featuring our special guest, Will Kintish.

Tonight, he will share his new keynote talk titled “Are You a Nosy Parker?” where we’ll explore the essential skills and traits for effective networking. Get ready for an engaging discussion on networking guidelines, the best questions to ask, and the no-go areas when attending business or social events. We’ll even address the challenge of making an impact and leaving quickly for introverts. As always, there will be a Q&A session where you can participate and gain valuable insights.

Will Kintish, a renowned networking expert, long-term supporter of Monday Night Live, and a respected member of The Professional Speaking Association for over two decades, will be our featured guest tonight.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Networking

Welcome to Monday Night Live! I’m Derek Arden, your host for tonight. We’re diving into the world of networking, a subject that many claim to excel in but often struggle with. Did you know that 98% of people dislike attending events alone? It’s time to unravel the mysteries of networking, and who better to guide us than our expert guest, Will Kintish? Let’s find out if we are all nosy parkers when it comes to building relationships.

Kindness: The Key Trait for Successful Networking

Networking is not as complicated as it seems. It’s simply about connecting and conversing with people. It’s about building relationships, not sleazy self-promotion. Tonight, we’ll learn the key traits and skills needed to be an effective networker, starting with the importance of kindness. Will shares five ways to radiate kindness at events, including a genuine smile and active listening.

The Power of Asking Insightful Questions

Asking insightful questions is a core networking skill. It’s unfortunate that many people forget to ask questions and instead dominate conversations. Remember, networking is a two-way street. We’ll explore the art of asking intelligent questions and the impact they have on building relationships. Kirstie Young once said, “In the world of relationship building, we’re judged on the quality of our questions.” So let’s learn how to ask the right questions and listen attentively to the answers.

Behaviors to Avoid: The Pitfalls of Networking

While networking, we must be mindful of our behavior and avoid certain pitfalls. Interrupting others, answering for them, or hijacking conversations can lead to negative impressions. Instead, let’s focus on connecting with others, introducing them to new people, and offering help and support whenever possible. Networking is about showing genuine interest and kindness, which will leave a lasting positive impression.

Seizing Opportunities: The Art of Follow-up

Now, there’s an important aspect we should consider: follow-up. When you spot a potential opportunity, seize the moment and exchange contact information. Business cards are becoming outdated, so linking in through social platforms like LinkedIn is a convenient alternative. Remember to send a personalized message afterwards, expressing your gratitude for the conversation and suggesting a future call or meeting.

Navigating Sensitive Topics: Family and Small Talk

In our quest for networking success, we must also be cautious about the questions we ask. While family can be a great topic for small talk, it’s essential to approach the subject with sensitivity. Some personal matters, such as marital status or children, can be sensitive for various reasons. Instead, focus on asking about hobbies, interests, or how people spend their free time to foster a friendly and engaging conversation.

Building Genuine Connections: The Essence of Networking

At Monday Night Live, we aim to provide you with practical networking strategies and insights to help you thrive in both business and social environments. Remember Maya Angelou’s wise words, “I’ve often forgotten what people said to me, forgotten what they did, but I never forgot how they made me feel.” Let’s embrace the power of networking, building genuine connections that leave a positive impact.

Derek Arden