Marketing expert and former president of the Professional Speaking Association of Australian
Winston Marsh joins MNL from Melbourne.

It was 2.00 am in Melbourne when we start the programme and I am so grateful that I have been able to persuade, “Winno” as he is known, to join us.

We have been swapping notes and ideas for a number of years and I hope you will find “Winno” inspiring with his different ideas from the other side of the world.

Be a Better Marketer Of What You Do Than Doer Of What You Do

1 – How he makes people more successful.
2 – Are Australians more direct in their influencing strategies.
3 – His three black boxes plus many more tips

We discuss

Who is your ideal client
Why should I choose you rather than your competition
How do I find you

Black Box 1 – Supply of suspects leading to prospects

Adverts, Speaker, Rotary

Black Box 2 – Convert into sales

Black Box 3 – Building long term relationships

Like me, Winno uses the word “Fantastic” to shock, make people sit up and inspire them with his ideas.

“As you journey through life brother
Let one thing be your goal
Keep your eye upon the dounut
And not upon the hole”

Derek Arden

Winston Marsh