Here’s a summary of the interview with Tim:

  • Cattle guards can represent the self-imposed limitations we place on ourselves, and we should break free from them.
  • We should be keepers of the flame in our own lives, carrying the fire and not letting others extinguish it.
  • Small acts of quality can have a ripple effect and plant seeds that grow beyond our immediate awareness.
  • “Next time” is a better phrase to use than “should have done” as it focuses on the future and is non-judgmental.
  • Tim answered questions about Silicon Valley Bank, tipping, fire pits and their impact on global warming, and guns in Texas.
  • Owning guns is a very American idea, but there should be Red Flag laws to take away guns from people who have been deemed a mental case.
  • It’s important to respect individuals who hold different opinions or beliefs.

Tim tunes into Monday Night Live from Dallas Texas to share some insights from his book “Moving from Promise to Performance”.

An outstanding book, full of tips and techniques for leaders.

Cattle guards – The speaker shares their experience with cattle guards, which are used to keep cows from crossing certain areas, and how they can be represented in our lives as self-imposed limitations. They explain how some farmers came up with the idea of painting stripes on the ground to create a virtual cattle guard, and how it can be a metaphor for the limitations we place on ourselves before even trying something new. The speaker advises against letting others paint limitations on us and encourages us to break free from self-imposed barrier.

Keeper Of The Flame – The speaker talks about how in the past, when large groups of people travelled, someone was responsible for carrying burning embers to start a fire at the end of the day for warmth, food, and protection. They refer to this person as the “keeper of the flame” and believe that we all need to be keepers of the flame in our own lives. They emphasize the importance of carrying the fire and not letting others extinguish it. The speaker sees the candle as a great metaphor for this idea, as holding a candle can light someone else’s without diminishing your own light. They encourage everyone to be a keeper of the flame and continue to pass the light on to others.

Tomato Seeds – Tim shares a metaphor about counting the seeds versus the tomatoes in a tomato, which they heard from someone else, possibly Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy. They explain how this metaphor relates to the idea that one small action or compliment can have a ripple effect and change someone’s day or life. They give an example of how they complimented a young woman at a market on her glasses and how it had a profound impact on her. The speaker emphasizes the importance of small acts of quality and how they can plant seeds that grow beyond our immediate awareness.

Use Next Time – The speaker learned from Lou Holtz that it’s not helpful to tell someone what they should have done because it focuses on failure and is in the past tense. Instead, one should use “next time” to remain future-focused and non-judgmental. The speaker believes this applies to elite performers as well, as they tend to use “next time” rather than “should have done.” Negative self-talk is dangerous and can hinder success. The speaker mentions a coach who rarely said “should have done” but used it once and retired from coaching the following week.

Derek Arden asked Tim Texas Durkin several questions about American life.

The first question was about the Silicon Valley Bank and why it wasn’t being monitored properly. Tim explained that there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on and that the situation will put a chill on the development of Silicon Valley.

The second question was about tipping, and Tim explained that Americans tip 20% because it ensures prompt service, but it’s also to compensate for the low wages that servers receive.

The third question was about fire pits and their impact on global warming, to which Tim responded that there hasn’t been any movement against fire pits and that they are mostly used for camaraderie.

Derek then asked Tim about guns in Texas and why Americans are so attached to them. Tim explained that owning guns is a very American idea that goes back to the 16th and 17th centuries when guns were more popular than Bibles. However, Tim acknowledged that there is no excuse for the loss of one innocent life and that there should be something called Red Flag laws, which allow guns to be taken away from people who have been deemed a mental case.

The conversation ended on a positive note with Tim emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals who hold different opinions or beliefs.

Derek Arden

Tim Durkin