High Pressure Moments eg Football Penalties – Derek Arden With Esther Stanhope

Esther Stanhope, author of the book Goodbye Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) chats with Derek about High Pressure Moments.

This is very topical because of the challenge for young footballers dealing with penalty shootouts.

Some comments:
Stick to plan, drill the practice and get experience.
The participants were sent into Breakout Rooms to discuss and provide tips to offer for dealing with high-pressure moments.

  • Fast track experiences
  • initiate 4, 7, 8 methodology
  • run program, run your process and drill, drill, drill
  • EFT
  • tapping (demonstrated)
  • visualisation, what you want
  • why and purpose.

[Handling High Pressure Moments – CHAT TEXT]

From Jon Lisby : It may be high pressure but if you’re paid millions and practice all week long – scoring a penalty should not be stressful

From Godfrey Lancashire : Jon, they were not thinking about money then!

From Nigel Kirby : Muscle memory

From Alex Kent : If you are using the football penalties to highlight pressure, please don’t forget that there is a penalty taker AND a goalkeeper. There is pressure on both – and the goalkeeper has more penalties to face!

From Amy Rowlinson : I have a much better alternative for penalty shoot outs to decide these games.

From Nigel Kirby : Should he have taken his penalty first and not last when even more pressure was on him to score?

From Eva Fanari : Amy, I’m curious.

From Alex Malamoud : My mike is not working

From Eva Fanari : And if you can’t tap because there are too many eyes on you, just applying pressure does the trick as well.

From Tim Durkin : Thanks Eva!

From Jon Lisby : Professional footballers have the benefit of mental awareness training under pressure.

From Tim Durkin : Wherever there is success there is a process. Learn and trust the process, Think of nothing but the process.

From Alex Kent : Preparation – many scenarios can be identified and worked through before they actually occur.

From Jill English : Preparation, preparation, preparation (or as Tim says, rely on the process)

From Paul Coleman : Emotional Freedom technique EFT

From Godfrey Lancashire : Big pressure can ofter come unexpectedly, illness, death, accident where you just don’t have preparation, you have to believe in “yourself”

From Jill English : Focus outside yourself, takes a lot of pressure off


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Esther Stanhope: