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In this edition, I am going to start with a fantastic interview with Linkedin expert and trainer Sam Rathling.


I met Sam at the Professional Speaking Association’s annual conference and was blown away with Sam’s knowledge about Linkedin.

I asked Sam if she would do a podcast for us and she readily agreed.

Here is the podcast Click Here


Three of Sam’s key tips that I took away were –

  • Make sure your profile and photo are as professional as it can be. Have a deep look at your pages.
  • People make judgements 57% of the time before they meet you and it’s increasing. Your online impression is critical. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Only 3% of the 647 million people on Linkedin post anything. So you can make a difference by posting on and this has the effect of socially selling yourself.



It appears to me that both sides are playing hardball tactics at present.

This quote above on the BBC website opens the negotiations with, “France warns the UK of bitter Brexit trade negotiations. France’s foreign minister adds,” the UK and EU will rip each other apart if they vie for advantage”.

Personally, I never encourage any of my clients to threaten aggressively, when negotiating. There are much more subtle ways of dealing with difficult negotiations

Some of you asked if Boris Johnson has a copy of Win Win.

He has now if the correspondence officer passed it on!!!




1 – Negotiating focused on people who work in the Football Industry.  – 7th May – London

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I was asked to leave the largest retailer in the UK after 60 seconds. I was negotiating on behalf of my employer and when I refused to reduce the price they marched me to the door. The was for £1m and I was sweating on what would happen next!

I was a young man at the time and had never bought a negotiation book. That night I bought, Everything is Negotiable by Gavin Kennedy and that was a real eye-opener. A wake-up moment. I never thought that some years later I would have a book published and sold around the world.

I visited Buckingham University a couple of weeks ago and did a talk for the MBA students. Afterwards, programme director Graham Jones showed me Kennedy’s book and my book together in the library. Both are on the University’s recommended reading list

What an honour!



Simona Haslett is a writer. She attended one of my keynote talks and summarised the key points.

It’s a brilliant overview and contains all of the 45 minutes.

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1 – The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot.

2 – People are like plants, they need constant watering and nurturing.

3 – You will see who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.




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