Derek Arden lights up Monday Night Live with guest Graham Jones, who passionately delves into Twitter’s rollercoaster future under Elon Musk’s reign, the disruptive force of AI language models like GPT, and the thrilling evolution of sales consultancy.

With wit and candour, Graham unravels the controversies circling Twitter’s business model and how Elon Musk’s acquisition shakes up the platform’s prospects.

He confronts the challenges that the powerful AI language model, GPT, brings to academic integrity and examines how AI is revolutionizing business creation, igniting fiercer competition than ever before. Emphasizing the urgency for businesses to embrace AI technology, Graham reveals how companies risk falling behind in this digital race.

The lively conversation also uncovers the mounting concerns around cheating in schools and universities fueled by AI advancements like GPT, while shedding light on the financial hurdles confronting higher education institutions.

Through this captivating and emotive discussion, Graham Jones masterfully navigates the dynamic intersection of technology, business, and education, offering priceless insights into the ever-changing landscape of our digital world.

Derek Arden