In this week’s Monday live podcast, Derek Arden dives into two fascinating business books,

Diary of a CEO: 33 Laws of Business and Life

Derek starts by discussing “Diary of a CEO” by Steven Bartlett. He highlights how the book is not just about the life of a CEO but also encompasses 33 essential laws for both business and life. One of these laws emphasizes the importance of keeping five crucial “buckets” full: knowledge, skills, network, resources, and reputation. In the fast-changing world of 2023-2024, keeping knowledge and information updated is key to enhancing your skills and staying employable.

The Power of Teaching: Yogi Bhajan’s Wisdom

Derek emphasizes the value of teaching as a path to mastery, drawing inspiration from Yogi Bhajan’s teachings. Teaching not only enhances your understanding but also reinforces your knowledge. He encourages viewers to share their insights with their teams and engage in lifelong learning.

Ask, Don’t Tell: Influencing Behaviors Effectively

One key takeaway from Steven Bartlett’s book is the power of asking questions instead of making statements when trying to influence others.

Derek illustrates this concept by emphasizing the importance of starting questions with “Will.” This approach implies ownership and increases the likelihood of receiving a positive response, leading to more effective communication and influence.

Understanding the Chimp Paradox: The Human, Chimp, and Computer

Derek transitions to discussing “The Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters, a renowned author and psychiatrist who has worked with high-performing sports teams, including Tour de France winners. The book simplifies the complexities of the human brain into three components: the Chimp, the Human, and the Computer.

He explains how the Chimp represents our emotional, impulsive side, while the Human represents our rational, logical thinking. The Computer processes information from both the Chimp and the Human, helping us make decisions. Derek highlights how understanding these components can help individuals manage their behavior and thought processes more effectively.

Derek briefly touches on the controversy surrounding the Chimp Paradox’s anatomical description, emphasizing that its usefulness matters more than its accuracy. He encourages viewers to appreciate and integrate all aspects of themselves rather than viewing them as separate entities.

In closing, Derek underscores the importance of balance and self-awareness in managing the Chimp, the Human, and the Computer within ourselves. By doing so, individuals can make more rational decisions and navigate the complexities of life more effectively.

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Derek Arden