29 Business Tips in 29 Minutes

In this Web Chat Derek invites his business and speaker friends to offer short tips. 29 Business Tips in 29 Minutes.

Tips by: 

Duncan Brodie
Jill English
Gabrielle Gache
Alison Grose
Godfrey Lancashire
Kevin O’Connor
Tim Durkin
Martin Kearns
Will Kintish
Tips from and compered by Derek Arden


Rule Of Threes
Do To Others and Yourself
Issue Invoices Promptly
Looking Down or Looking At
What Gets Must Give
Networking With Existing Clients
Mind Body Connection
Books On Shelves
Short Meetings
Target and Market
Save 10%
Explore Online Opportunities
Cambridge Online
Partner With Dead
Leadership – Listen Think Act
Quality of Questions
Hydration – Concentration
Quality of Responses To Quality Questions
80 – 20 Rules
Measure What Matters
Find Out Worth of Person
Emotional Barometer
Trade Mark – Hat
Goal Getting – Process
Giving Away Cakes – Round and Round
Networking Process – 8 Steps Invite to Meet
Resilience and Recharging
Breathing Deeply Concentration
Information and Power A.S.K



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