How you can become really successful

What is the 1% that is the difference that makes the difference? Discover what our research has uncovered and learn how to put it into practice yourself.

High Achievers and the 1% Factor

Following the research we have conducted into high achievers, we have come up with what we call the 1% factors. These are the factors that the highest achievers excel at. It is less than 1% of the population that make a serious difference to others and they use a great deal of the following competencies.

It is said that you earn the average of the 6 people you mix with or learn from the most.

Who are your mentors?

This is what they do:

Set goals and targets

  • Know what they want and how to work it out.
  • Visualise success in the present tense.

Seek knowledge and information

  • Constantly self-developing.
  • Using speed reading and other fast track information gathering techniques.
  • Using a wide range of media and mediums to gather information efficiently.
  • For example, listening to audio books when travelling.

Model amazing people

  • Seeking out and studying high achievers; finding mentors and coaches.
  • Building rapport quickly and having a wide network.

Self management

  • Being well organised with good time management.
  • Being aware of your Neuro-physical state and how to manage it.
  • Implementing the philosophies of Pareto’s rule (80/20) and Ockham’s Razor!

Performance psychology

  • Maintaining an abundance mentality; being generous and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Constantly honing presenting, negotiating, influencing and persuasion skills.
  • Tuning in to emotional intelligence through success psychology and NLP.

Personal energy

  • Maintaining drive, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Making things happen, because action is a key driver of success.
  • Managing their own; and other people’s energy.