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How to Get a Winning Result from Persuasive Negotiations

The only obstacle to you getting what you want is you!

Using the practical and highly-effective 11 Steps of Negotiation you can break through all the barriers that prevent you reaching mutually agreeable outcomes.

Written by an expert with over 25 years of successful negotiating, Win Win will teach you, step by step, the essential art of effective negotiation. Whatever the situation, whatever you want, you’ll discover how to negotiate powerfully, persuasively and with one eye firmly on the prize:

·    Save time, money and  eliminate lengthy debates

·    Avoid conflict and disagreement and learn to manage difficult people  

·    Get more of what you want, more often with the power of persuasion

·    Boost your confidence and always get the results you’re after

Discover how to get past “no” and straight to “yes” – quicker, calmer and without giving in.

“Everything you need to know for successful negotiation – and how to do it.” Jeremy Wilson, Vice Chairman, Corporate Banking, Barclays Bank plc

“Anyone who negotiates anything, should have a copy on their desk.” Michael Ogilvie, Senior Partner, OBC accountants

“The best book on negotiation I have ever read.”  Matt Tumbridge, CEO, Used Car Expert

There are skills in here that everyone should use.” Graham Jones, Internet psychologist

“Everyone in business should read this book.”  Professor David Gray, University of Greenwich, London





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Can’t afford the time to go on Derek’s masterclass?

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