Your negotiation attitude is crucial to the outcome of the negotiations

Your attitude at the start of the negotiation will have a major impact on the results you achieve. People like to deal with others who have a positive attitude to life and to business. You’ll make it easier for everyone to talk and concede in an atmosphere of positivity.

Make haggling and negotiating fun. Try it and articularly in a retail, business or market environment negotiation should be fun. Negotiate with a smile on your face and make ridiculously low offers as your first proposition.

Haggling is expected in some countries, particularly the further south you go in Europe and in many Asian countries.

Take the circumstances and the culture into account. Google the culture to see what you find.

A few basics  –

  1. Get your brain right, psyche up – Get in the right state / frame of mind before you negotiate. Take a little time on your own and get your thought process running in the appropriate mode. A series of spoken “yes’s” will get you into “yes” mode for anything that happens.
  1. Use positive language – It is easier for people to understand what you’re saying if you phrase your words in positive language. Avoid the use of linguistic negatives such as – don’t, can’t etc.
  1. Re-frame unhelpful comments – When the other party makes a negative statement – reframe it by asking “Do you mean… and phrasing it in positive language “ After all, every problem is an opportunity, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and the glass can either be half full or half empty!”
  1. Make certain your “self talk” is positive – Ensure that the words you say inside your mind are focusing on positive outcomes and a positive process. Eradicate any negative doubts and thoughts as they will damage your external language patterns and subsequently damage your results.

The Negotiation Speaker – Mr Negotiator