Research shows that women – world wide earn on average 17% less than men doing the same job. In countries like the USA / UK who have always been ahead of the game in equality the same bias still applies. Speaking at an all female conference a couple of months ago to 100 seriously smart ladies they confirmed to me the facts really are that “women are more likely to be collaborators than competitors” Collaborators are more likely to trust the system than competitors. Competitors will always ask and sometimes keep on asking – whereas collaborators often find it difficult and embarrassing to ask.

However asking only requires a mindset change and it is how you ask not what you ask. The quality of the questions where to buy clomid fertility drug determines the answers you get. I will be covering this at the re-launched PSA Scottish regional convention on Saturday in Edinburgh – ladies it could just be worth the flight to Edinburgh to make that sea-change of attitude which will start earning you seriously more money. Non members welcome.

If you don’t ask you don’t get OR – reframing for you NLPers
If you don’t ask – you don’t give the other person the opportunity to say Yes!

It’s all about how you ask!!! – build fast track – deep level rapport first.
See you Edinburgh – 10.am Apex hotel – Saturday