Negotiation mindset. Have you a positive mindset when it comes to negotiating? In MINDSET by Professor Carol S. Dweck.  Dweck talks about a growth mindset v a fixed mindset. It used to be believed that you were either born a negotiator or not. Now we know negotiation is a subject that can be taught and learned. To me, that was always obvious but things that are obvious to some people are not always obvious to others. Having spent 30 years learning the subject, studying the best psychology into the subject and being a hands on negotiator, I believe I am well qualified to write about my experiences.A growth mindset says if someone else can do it, then you can do it. You just need to find out the mental strategies how they do it. Richard Bandler the inventor of NLP calls it modelling strategies.

Professor Dweck is one of the leading researchers in the field of social psychology and development psychology. She holds key positions at both Columbia University and Stanford University.negotiation mindset

Here are her discoveries. We can have two types of Mindset

1 – A fixed mindset. Where we believe that we have learnt all we need to know at school and university; plus the training we might have been given on our jobs.

We have all we need and there is no need to invest in further learning.

2 – A growth mindset. Where we understand that the world is constantly changing. We have to keep reading and studying to keep up to date. It’s not an option. Change is normal and we realise we need to keep growing to help others, help ourselves and make a difference.

Dweck says – “Often fixed mindset behaviours stifle growth. Many leaders have this, often they bully people to see it their way and keep them down.

What is the result of this? Poor performance, fear amongst their people and in the long term even disaster. Fear to stand up to people and negotiate.

I worked for a bank that at one time had a growth mindset and then suddenly with a change of strategy went into a fixed mindset. Cutting training, investment in people and only interested in shareholder value. The targets of selling at all costs created the wrong behaviours. I was fortunate to move on before disaster struck.

However while I worked in an executive position I spent time lecturing, teaching, reading, writing and helping my team and others grow. Particularly in the arena of negotiating. We all have to negotiate and it is the least taught subject in the world and one of the most useful for business and life growth. As Dweck says “All successful business people must be good at negotiation” Page 137

What about you? Have you got a growth mindset? As you are reading this, you probably have a growth mindset. There hasn’t been a time when this is more important.

Derek Arden is an International Award Winning Speaker, Negotiator, Educator and Best Selling Author.