An Advanced Negotiation Masterclass looks like

This is a summary in note form of the group learning and re-learning points from feedback

Be more assertive, low voice tonality – prepare questions before the negotiation.

Much more awareness of body language and negotiation styles

Created time to reflect on previous negotiations

Identified coaching needs on some key skills around negotiating

People want more 

Negotiation practice

Insights into negotiation techniques currently used

More discussion on the video role-plays

More emphasis on conflict and management and resolution – the TKI document will help. Read Chapter 16 Win Win when you have a score high or low in the top/bottom quartile!

To consider 


Value proposition

Other important points and ideas

Seating plans – round or across the end of tables?

More awareness of the small points – the difference that makes the difference

1stImpressions are critical. Rapport means it is easier to ask difficult questions

Dress for success. Check accessories and handshakes

TEAM negotiations. Roles, briefing, debriefing – Together Everybody Achieves More

Bp-Tp-Wap- Ap – soft wap!  See Win Win

Review how you can handle these issues – in your own personal style

recognise dishonesty, spin, fibs, lies. Check all the clues

Take it or leave it. You need a walk away position

Threats. Ask  ”We are curious where you are coming from?”

Power of three – three times convincers work

How to handle dirty tactics

Rapport – mirroring build rapport and liking

Power of Influence – 6 key traits – chapter 14 – Dip in and out of “win win”

Agendas – format, order, negotiated, Care re personal agendas

The Negotiation speaker – Mr Negotiator states – This will increase your profits immediately