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Hello everybody.

Thank you for opening this briefing.

I hope you are all well and staying safe.

As you probably know, one of my passions has been life long learning and being in a position to pass the knowledge on to others.

Three week’s ago I had the idea to set up the web meetings, now called Derek’s Live Webchat Shows (name change for search engine optimisation).

We now have had over 150 people tuning in and I have been able to persuade some fantastic experts to share their knowledge and wisdom

Do join us this week and encourage others by sending them the links.

At this time when continuous education has never been more important, for when we come out of the worldwide lockdowns, the “NEW NORMAL” will be different. People who have shown no initiative might be bottom of the ladder.

Interview - what new skills did you acquire during self-quarantine?

This Week’s Live Chat Shows With New Skills

TODAY – Monday 20th 5.00 pm – Join Here

The most frequent and current questions I get asked on Negotiating and Persuading.

  • Negotiation tips
  • Business tips
  • Body language tips
  • PLUS Tips from Ali-the-Physio (Alison Grose, Chartered Physiotherapist) will be giving us more tips and advice for desk bound and housebound keyboard warriors.

WEDNESDAY – April 22nd 12.30 pm – Simon Hazledine – Join Here

Simon Hazeldine - Author of book: "Neuro-Sell - How Neuro-Science can power your sales success"
Simon Hazeldine

We have one of the UK’s most fascinating business speakers Simon Hazeldine.

Simon’s best selling book “Neuro-Sell – How Neuro-Science can power your sales success” is an extraordinary study into how our brains are responsible for how we sell and buy.

It’s odd in the UK selling can be perceived as a grubby job. Yet some of the highest-paid people sell.

After all, we all have to sell ourselves, our ideas to others and if no one buys we don’t get paid.

THURSDAY – April 23rd 5.00 pm – Coffee and Chat – Join Here

Coffee and a Chat with guests checking in from all over the world.

Put the slots in your diary together with the links to join. We have to use different links for security as requested by Zoom.

So you need a different link for each day and I have to let you in.

Last week I got a request from Bingy Bongo to let her in, I suspect it was Zoom bombing, so I declined

Tip Top Tips From Recent Shows

All of the Executive Briefings and Web Chats can be found here at my blog

For life long learners and anyone who might need to learn new skills for the challenges and opportunities we face after the pandemic is over.

The world will not be the same normal place. It will be the NEW NORMAL. Be ready for it!

negotiators podcast

NEW UPLOAD – Networking expert –

Will Kintish in conversation with Derek. Click Here

Will has studied and spoken on the psychology of networking all around the world.

Twenty-three sharp focused and specific interviews on business and life skills subjects www.negotiatorspodcast.com on a range of very important subjects.

This Weeks Question

This week’s question I have been asked by one of my clients is,

“How does negotiating and persuading vary on video, as we are all working from home?”

Here are some suggestions that people might not do on line

  • Not preparing as normal – the “Win-Win” 12 step process
  • Not having team/rolls and a briefing call/debriefing call
  • Not hosting the meeting and having control of the switches
  • Not dressing with authority as you would face to face
  • Not having a flip chart in the background and an agenda
  • Not being early and building rapport
  • Not pressing record (tell the other side and send them a copy-they won’t watch it)
  • Not taking a time-out to review before agreeing
  • Not reading the body language because it’s on video – signals are still there and you now have playback to check
  • Not being confident with the tech so miss key points

Below are the key links to our educational resource library.

www.derekarden.co.uk – Website with over one thousand blog posts – including video blogs

www.negotiatorspodcast.com – Derek interviews leading experts

www.youtube.com/derekarden – Videos

www.slideshare.net/derekarden – Slides

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