I was reminded last night when I was reading the Sunday Papers of the lasting negotiating piece of advice that we must always have a negotiation walk away position.

You may be surprised how many people don’t have one. They go into a negotiating situation expecting the other side to be kind to them. Well sometimes I have to say to people “Wake up and smell the coffee” business can be dog eat dog and unlike sport there are often no rules to abide to.
So think about your best position (your dream position), then your target position where you would really like to end up and then calculate your walk away position, all from your preparation and research.

Then test your walk away position against your Alternative Position (BATNA). Check all the costs including emotional and time costs of pursuing one or the other.

If you are still in doubt run it past a mentor, someone like me who coaches and mentors people in negotiation. To make sure you have covered all bases and thought through the situation from the other person’s point of view. Sometimes called neural resonance.

The Negotiation speaker – Mr Negotiator