The ten secrets of selling will make it easier to negotiate. THERE ARE TEN REALLY IMPORT RULES to be good IN SELLING. Here they are –

1 – Make sure you are selling something that is high quality and adds real value to the customer. Make sure you believe in the product. You are bought in

2 – The first impression that you make is vital. You don’t get a second chance to make a 1st impression. Be enthusiastic

3 – Make the client feel at home. At home on your premises or comfortable with you if on their premises or on neutral ground.

4 – Dress for success. Appropriately for the circumstances, the clients and the product you are selling.

5 – Give expert advice. People can smell spin at half a mile.

6 – Compliment the client but don’t over do it.

7 – Ask great questions and listen acutely. Watch the body language.

8 – Suggest alternatives if they don’t like that model, style etc

9 – Sell down. Start with the highest priced items and then suggest cheaper alternatives. This is the compare and contrast rule.

10 – When they have made up their mind. Close the sale, say nothing, take the order and say you have made a really good choice.