Welcome to this September Negotiators Briefing. I hope you are well and thank you for opening this briefing.


I would like to let you know that, Graham Jones and I are running a Top Masterclass on 19th November, at the Victory Services Club close to Marble Arch tube station. This is a unique opportunity for anyone you know who wants to develop their skills even further, with a view to being even more successful in whatever they do.

We have designed the day to be 17 sessions of 17 minutes, covering crucial business and individual areas which are going to be very relevant in today’s fast-changing world. Particularly as we approach 2020.


  1. According to TED research, 17 minutes is the ultimate time for maximum absorption of the material.
  2. The short sharp sessions will maximise the attendees time. Time is our most valuable asset. After all time, knowledge and wisdom are your most valuable assets.
  3. If anything is missed during our fast, focused and specific delivery you will get a full set of notes; together with access to all our published material and street smarts. www.derekarden.co.ukwww.grahamjones.co.uk

The agenda will cover vital skills of leading and managing others, handling yourself, time management, negotiating, selling, influencing, communicating concisely and other relevant subjects.

For the full agenda – Click here and scroll down.

Graham Jones is a psychologist, a university lecturer and an award winning professional conference speaker.

Personally, I always learn many new things every time I work with Graham and I can’t wait for 19th November.

Here is What People Say About Our Previous Masterclasses.

Simona Krassin wrote a report for Surrey University after the masterclass, here is her first paragraph – “

A day spent under the wise tuition of Derek Arden and Graham Jones at their Masterclass, is a must-do for every aspiring- or established- business person. The workshop provides attendees with facts, methods and wisdom tailored to each individual. Their presentation and life skills perfectly complement each other as Derek’s intensity as a negotiator and Graham’s laid-back academic background contrast yet meet somewhere in the middle. A common trait, however, is passion. It is evident throughout the day that their enthusiasm for giving you results is absolutely key, as it is made your day. The ability to interact in open discussions was encouraged and all the questions were answered, enabling us to gain better understanding of the topics covered”.

Simona Krassin

Build up your contacts on social media. particularly linkedin. Join me on your Linkedin network. You are welcome to ask me a question at any time. I will answer it as soon as possible.

So whether you know anyone who is thinking about reviewing what and how they are doing things. Someone who needs a day out in some inspirational company or someone who needs to upgrade what they are doing send them to our website and encourage them to book now. https:/www.topmasterclass.co.uk

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