Psychology Of Creativity and LinkedIn – Derek Arden with Guests

Ayd Instone

Ayd Instone has had a fascinating career as a musician, a professional speaker, a graphic designer before making a career move to be a physics teacher at a comprehensive school in Oxford.

Then he moved with his family to a smaller school as Head of Physics at Fylinghall, in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

He has been making video’s for the school’s assembly during the lockdown, introducing electronics into the curriculum and has written an innovative physics revision book which has been published by Hodder

Psychology of Creativity

Getting across ideas.
Creative writing – Words from the Woods
Getting out of comfort zone
Physics and women physicists.
History of Science
Critical Thinking
How things work
Raspberry computers and creating programs
Behaviour control in schools
Getting kids involved
Kickstarter for book

Ep.1 https://youtu.be/gi_UZ3k7rDI resilience with @JohnHotowka
Ep.2 https://youtu.be/IMLCdKpDF8w vision with @SteveJudge
Ep.3 https://youtu.be/pgwXD2aNH4I goals with @davidhyner
Ep.4 https://youtu.be/kRDzgppOi4M wellbeing with @Frederika_R
Ep.5 https://youtu.be/qLxSvWXzQMQ wonder with @ScienceMagician
Ep.6 https://youtu.be/iieo7u03skI memory with David Thomas
Ep.7 https://youtu.be/uFt6N0AWwaM wider school opening with Steve Allen
Ep.8 https://youtu.be/eTC6AOHLqlA internet use with @Alec_Drew
Ep.9 https://youtu.be/3NRJVgYyGGI self-belief with @meetLindaSage
Ep.10 https://youtu.be/XBjbDBtROXQ express yourself with Jackie Perkins
Ep.11 https://youtu.be/7b-H6p5NzBI decisions with Graham Frost.
Ep.12 https://youtu.be/0yPlh_DIpnA the meaning of life with @paulsilkywhite

Darryl Howes

Darryl Howes, after a distinguished career in finance, then took a degree in psychology and now helps people and organisations networks better utilising what we know from the social sciences of psychology, sociology and a dash of anthropology.

LinkedIn Groups

Business psychology and sociology
A network playbook
Imposter syndrome (phenomena)
Making yourself memorable
Think again – revolutionary advantage
Keeps you on your toes
LinkedIn groups
Community – objectives
Strategic business networking
Headline names
Have people that make a noise.