Everything Is Negotiable – Digital Download


Digital Download:-

On purchase you will receive a PDF file with details of how to access the videos and audios.
You will be directed to a password protected page with options to watch the videos and listen to the videos.  You will also have the option to download the MP3 and MP4 files which will require unzipping once downloaded.  The digital version is designed for laptops and it is advisable to download first and unzipping before using on a mobile device.



Discover The Secrets Of The Professional Negotiators

Would you like to remember what you have already forgotten? As enthusiastically as you have embraced the psychology of negotiating in your business life it is unrealistic to remember the tricks, techniques and tips once in a difficult negotiating situation.

When you have these downloads you can remind yourself at your leisure, you can share with your teams and you can learn on your computer rather than at a time consuming seminar. The ideas and concepts are also on these recordings so the points can be re-enforced when you are driving around.

In this Digital Download set you will learn how to:

  • Make more money
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease costs
  • Create a win win win
  • Improve your relationships
  • Read body language
  • Handle dirty negotiation tactics
  • Evaluate the psychology of influence
  • Spot attempted lying
  • Handle conflict
  • De-mystify the haggling process
  • Increase confidence

Approx 2.15 hours video.

There is also an audio only version of the seminar included in the price. To listen in your car / your university on wheels.

“Derek is a clear thinking win win negotiator.”
– Sir Gerry Robinson, TV business expert and former Chairman of Grenada

“I have worked on many negotiations with Derek, he is a real expert.”
– Jeremy Wilson, Deputy Chairman Barclays

“Derek saved us £200,000 with his negotiating skills.”
– John Shaw, Finance Director Oxfam