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Would you like to save money on your next car? Do you want to have a bigger house? Do you sometimes feel you could benefit from having a few extra haggling tips?



If you need a quick readable book, then this is the pocket guide for you…

In this pocket guide Derek reveals…

  • How to negotiate win-win deals
  • 117 easy to understand tips
  • Tips that you can implement immediately
  • Key phrases and language that make the difference when negotiating, haggling and bargaining.

Extract 1

Watch out for the “nibble”. This is when things have been agreed and the person asks for something else to get agreement. Children are very good at doing this — they ask for things in small amounts and when they get agreement start asking for additional things. Recognise what is happening and then suggest you jointly review the concessions given and gained. Then ask is there anything else you need before we agree the deal.

Extract 2

Avoid splitting the difference — unless that puts you in an advantageous position. The person who offers to split the difference is conceding half of what they originally asked for without trading any concession. It’s acceptable to split the difference for small amounts or when there is very little at stake.

Extract 3

Always ask twice — when buying in a shop and having received the counter assistant’s first discounted offer — always ask for a second bite of the cherry (particularly if their first offer is stated as a round figure such as 10% or 5%). You know there is more to be had. Say, “Surely you can do a little better than that — how much can I have this for?” You’ll make them feel better and get a better price for yourself.
This will fit into your life more easily than a full book.


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