When I run a presentation and pitching bootcamp I focus in depth on these points highlighted below. It is critical that your people understand the importance of handling a presentation as it is the key to getting further up the food chain to the negotiating table. Which is what we need to do.

In todays fast changing world, speed is crucial and no one wants a resentation that is boring,Key points

Start with end in mind
You / me ratio – must be 5 to 1 or more
Props – are important
Visuals – for effect
Powerpoint v MAC Keynote
Templates and clip art NO
Full screen Take your own photos
Summarise as you go along
Point Story Action. Remember PSA
Leaders are energy transmitters
Motivators – what are the clients
NLP  – careful use of languagelanguage
Power of three – always use it
Feedforward is improve even more
Danger of white slides – change energy
Logo’s on each slide are old hat
Modern fonts – Use arial or similar

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