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It’s been wise for many years when meeting people not to talk about religion and politics. I have added one more item from experience to make it three things. Number 3 – Brexit.

However people often ask my views which I decline to give, unless they want my opinion on the negotiation tactics that are being employed.
So here is an update on three tactics that our Prime Minister is using which we need to be aware of when we are negotiating for ourselves.

  1. Setting short time deadlines. I learnt many years ago when studying at Harvard Business School. 80% of concessions come in the last 20% of the negotiating time available. So manage the time scales whenever you can.
  2. When you are attempting to persuade people. Meet them face to face. Apparently, Boris Johnson has flown to Brussels many times in the last few weeks for short face to face meetings. He says he telephones the key leaders and keeps them up to date almost daily.
  3. He shares openly the issues he faces, the internal UK difficulties and how he plans to get an agreement with a majority of MP’s. He uses non-confrontation language such as, “Our friends and partners in Europe”

Like it or not, he is a very good presenter and very good negotiator that we can all learn from


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More tips from Win Win, How to get a winning result from Persuasive Negotiations

  1. Why should you never say, “Let’s negotiate”. Because it sets up a competitive frame of mind in the other person which is not conducive to a Win Win.
  2. When you reduce your price, then reduce it in odd amounts. This gives the impression that you have calculated it carefully.
  3. Never say, “no problem” when negotiating. Because they have asked you for something they want. So you should trade it for a concession from the other side. That is known as conditional bargaining.

Can anyone tell me why the price of Win Win changes almost daily on Amazon?

Win Win in Amazon

NHS accountants masterclass in Birmingham last week.

Everyone who attends gets a signed copy of Win Win. Toni from the black country was first to arrive and opened the book at Page 131.

She was fascinated by the statement that, “Only when the two parties are attracted to each other, should you ever sit opposite. Generally opposite is confrontational. It’s better to sit at the side of each other”

How do you plan the seating when you have someone to persuade? If you don’t, you should, start from now!!!

“Minds are like parachutes, only the open ones work”

Lord Thomas Dewar


One of the many things that I have learned over the years, is to stay open minded to new ideas.

Someone once called me an open minded sceptic, as I like to do my own review when I come across some new information.

Do you have an open mind or are you not listening to new ideas?


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