BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS – The question I am asked more than ever is, 
What we can learn from the Brexit negotiations for our own business and lives?”
 I was at a retirement party last night for a friend of mine who was
leaving Barclays after 47 years and again I was pressed for my answers.
So here are three issues to consider
1 – 80% of concessions generally
come in the last 20% of the negotiation time. So if you can be in control of
the time, you will have more power.
My thoughts –  It looks like we are in the last 10% with Brexit, so either a
deal will be done shortly or the time will be extended.

2 – In large complicated negotiations, like Brexit, the internal negotiations are often more difficult than the external negotiations.
My thoughts  –The really skilled diplomat / negotiator will pull all the
different factions into a Win Win scenario. SNP, DUP, Welsh MP’s, Labour,
right wing Tories and more. Can the Prime Minister pull it off is the burning question?  The EU has said come back to us with something you all can
agree on! Whatever your views, the negative press reporting every
movement, doesn’t make it easier. 

3 – Make sure that your chief negotiator Olly Robbins doesn’t get overheard talking about your negotiation strategy in a Brussels bar. Unless, as I
wondered, it was a deliberate negotiating ploy. 
My thoughts – Probably a big mistake by him after a hard day of
negotiations. I remember the expression from World War 2. “Loose talk
costs lives” In negotiations, “Loose talk reduces your power of surprise and weakens your hand”.

Did the Prime Minister read Win Win? 

We were overheard in a bar – Several years ago I was in a bar in
Victoria, London with a client. We were discussing the outline of a
business deal he was considering. After about 15 minutes a gentleman
came over, interrupted us and introduced himself. He said he was a
private detective and suggested we should be more discreet in what we
were talking about. 

He then relayed to us what he had heard, even though we were talking
quietly. He knew who we worked for, what we were saying about the
other people in the deal almost word for word.
We were shocked! He then told us to be more careful, gave us his
business card, if we ever needed him, shook hands and walked out. We
needed another drink and changed the subject.

I was having a monthly catch up with my presentation and influencing
mentor Patricia Fripp from California last week, via Zoom. Have you used Zoom it’s amazing, much better than Skype?  
We were talking about the importance of language in influencing. I asked her what are her top 5 most powerful words for influence?
The answer is
1 – Congratulations2 – You3 – Free4 – New5 – Power
Don’t use weak words. “Stuff” and “Things” are the two most popular non specific words that devalue impact in the English language. 
Specificity used properly is powerful. Review the language that you use
when talking to people, clients and customers and you will find your
influencing skills will improve dramatically.
————————Featured podcast of the month is the interview with 
Gabrielle Gache Master Trainer of NLP. The art and science of high
performance. A subject that Gabie excels at. 

A must listen when you want to be even better at what you do.
Featured Video of the month – Car Negotiations. Don’t get conned by the salesperson. Click here to watch. To my surprise this clip made for a
conference in Slovenia has had 235,000 views to date
My wise friend and mentor John Farrell – 1914 – 2019 At age 104 John
left us in January, peacefully in Perth, Western Australia. I spoke to him
regularly by phone discussing business issues, challenges and the team
selection at Arsenal, who he had supported all his life. He told me some
fantastic negotiation stories. Trading potatoes for farmers in Margate and selling them to the local fish and chip shops. Buying cheap and selling
high as a rag and bone man in Stepney in 1932 and to always pretend you were never interested in something you wanted to buy, as you haggled. He will be missed but his wisdom will live on. Activate link to view larger image.—– Below are the links to my complimentary resource
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Is it true? writes Dr Nido Quebein “Problems come disguised as
Please share your energy and enthusiasm with other people. Let them
catch your energy.
As an Inspirational  Speaker that is a key part of my job. Enthusing and
energising an audience when we are discussing the key business subject of Negotiation. 
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