Practicing haggling in shops and market places will help immensely in business.

In the in the first part of the chapter in win win we talked about bargaining, now let’s have a look at haggling. If you do not intend to have a long term relationship with the other side, then you will probably be haggling.

Many people don’t like haggling, but if you don’t haggle then you are going to be paying more than perhaps you need to, most of the time.

It is seldom that we get a discount if we go into a buying situation not expecting to get one. Be positive you’ll be amazed how easy it is when you ask the right questions. Look for what you might be able to do for the other person in return.

Whilst people think that many of these situations are only for the market place, many times business we are operating in a business market place where these concepts should be used.

If you don’t haggle then other people will get the rewards of extra profit that you deserve.

The Negotiating Speaker – Mr Negotiator