Negotiations have three sides to them. Mine yours and the right one. it was a wise sage once said, “There are three sides to everything. Yours, mine and the right one” When we are negotiating this never has been more truer.

Negotiating is a 24/7/365 skill. We need to understand clearly our positions and then discover all we can about the other party’s positions, adjusting where necessary. Flexibility is a key component of a win win negotiation scenario. We are not always right and by listening we can find out how a compromise might take place.

We should plan to understand what the other parties want, why they want it and how we can help them get it?

Today people are much less tolerant, have less time and are more self-centered than they ever have been. There is more conflict than there has ever been. The ability to understand top class negotiating, put it into practice is paramount. The ability to successfully negotiate is a vital skill of successful people.

The Negotiation Speaker – Mr Negotiator