Here are negotiating tips 10 -11 -12 from chapter 15

10 – Use silence to good effect. Listen more than talk.

 Control your emotions. If someone has made an unreasonable demand do not ‘rise to the bait’ but remain silent for a few seconds. This should cause the other party to reconsider or justify the demand. Make notes if necessary.

 11 – Ask – Ask them how can we get a deal – If you don’t ask you don’t get. And if you don’t ask you don’t give the other side the opportunity of saying yes

T!P TOP TIP! – Ask “we are working together – we do want a deal, l don’t we?

 12 – Go for a “Win / win / Win”scenario. Try to reach an amicable, wise and equitable conclusion so that both sides come away with the feeling that they got a good deal. Seek to strengthen long-term relationships through the negotiation process.

 Feelings are often of more value than a deal where you have squeezed the other side past the point where they are a little unhappy.

The Negotiation Speaker – Mr Negotiator