Derek Notes/ Ideas – September / October

From driving Patricia Fripp to Wimborne, Tring / PSA Convention – to reviewing them – with my added take for how I might use the language.

Just one takeaways might be useful

“Executive braintrust”

Questions I frequently get asked

If this session was just for you what would you want to hear or learn?

How to sell without selling

In 30 years of professional negotiating –
I have found that different individuals handle different things in different ways
It never ceases to amaze me

Transport the audience to a different place

Share how focused negotiations will make us more money
It may interest you to know – STATISTIC
60% of accountants don’t think they are even good negotiators

How good is good enough

Let me ask you a question “Is 2017 going to be a year when you need more results Types of negotiation – you can niche it

Every time you say imagine – you are engaging the audience

As an educator

Mini razor coaching

Hot debriefs

Wisdom comes from reflection

I picked up the phone and the client said
The email said –
I was sent this email – read it out – it’s a prop
OR put it into the presentation

Have you enjoyed this morning – would you like now to nourish your bodies?

Anybody here into people watching

Michael Grinder says FREEZE THE GESTURES – OK this is where you use the slides

You are experts at what you do
You are experts at your subject matter
However I have found that experts are not always good enough at negotiating

I took this from EXPERT

A dream has a common goal


Jenny notes – from Fripp 7 September 2016

Need to link it up to my notes in purple binder

Started with a metaphor – good teacher and mentors. The great teacher or mentors don’t have to be alive – books and reading.

Wisdom comes from reflection
Does not matter how good you are with anything – have to promote yourself.
Easier to promote now with less money
Good promoter as a well as speaker

Ask questions so you are selling always on reply – find out what they do!
How can I communicate my value to you? (Power speech)
Go back to clients – why did you work with us/ references.

Premise – basis of argument leading to a conclusion – big idea of presentation / dominate thought or big idea / body of speech. One Sentence.

How to sell yourself to your managers and senior managers

Power speech should be in presentation – sensory course

Start speech by second best song (story) and end with best song – as Rolling Stones do – as King Crimson do

Opening line needs to be interesting

Specificity builds credibility
Be specific
For example it was 21st January at 2.30 – his name was XXXXX
The story doesn’t have to be 100% correct just has to have emotional integrity

We are programmed to think a Story is a reward – bedtime stories.
(This is something Ellen does with her kids – Story of the day – Reviewing the day unconsciously changing patterns this is timeline therapy)

In a story how often can change the “I” to “you”, involve them in the story.
If you’d met me when this happened ……..

In my role as your …

Sales team – same as everyone else no competitor advantage.

Presentation has to change or be different to competitors.

Congratulation thank you for opportunity to give you the chance to pick us as your supplier of (focused assertive language)

Questions that open windows in the brain

Have you ever applied for?
Have you ever lost a client?
Have ever had stage fright?
How often have you walked on stage and forgotten what to say?
How often have you walked into a room and not known who to talk too?
How often have you gone to a negotiation and felt unprepared for what might happen?
Write some lines here DA

For the result that you want to achieve – what is your investment?

How to get emotional contact in a presentation

Eye contact
You focused language

In your opening speeches mention your name. She says Fripp – should I say Arden, Derek or Derek Arden. It depends

They don’t have to be 100% accuracy but have to be emotionally true. Emotional integrity?

When, where, what, who ?
Common goal.

Don’t ask an audience to do something until you have built rapport with them


Review, challenge teach someone else what you believe you learned.

Last http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com thought …….at the end of a morning / a workshop

Think that all sentences cost £xxx with each word costing.

Each course – each hour costs money – what is the return we are going to get?

Which words are more valuable; exaggerate the most important words and the cause after some of them?

Same with pitching / negotiating or your time. Great way to look at it!!

Notes from October 2016 PSA convention – Nottingham

• Get rid of the toxins that are holding you back
• No one cares about your expertise – they care how you can transfer it to them
• Your brand lives in the minds of other people
• Everything you do is predicated by the way you dress

• Leave a tangible trail of wisdom – leave a legacy
• When an old man dies a library burns down
• Turn your engines off and listen

• We are corporate athletes
• Lighting reduces melatonin
• Digital detox 90 minutes before you go to bed
• Brush teeth – drink glass of water – what is your trigger for water?
• What are your recovery points each day

• When people become curious – they become suggestible
• Kirkpatrick’s hierarchy of benefits
• Not a speaker – a deliverer of results for clients
• We all want to go to new heights with what we do

• The only person you should be comparing yourself to…is YOU
• Water your own grass
• The grass you think is greener on the other side is because of the bull shit that someone gives it and you have believed it
• Left brain content – right brain emotion
• Accepting advice from anyone. Do they live the life you want? Do they walk their own talk.
• Only trust advice if you like them and trust them
• Your gut feel is your feel

• Shamelessly promote yourself
• Speaking is marketing
• Juvinessence
• We are privileged to have contagious energy?

• How much do you remember from the last keynote speaker you hired

• Being really good at what you do is just the entry ticket
• Hard core financial to the woo-woo in the speaking business
• What questions can I ask which would elicit your name as the best?
• Larry Winget
o People hate the truth luckily the truth doesn’t care
o So shut up whining and get a life –

• Show client how 10k becomes 100k with professional negotiating ]
• Its not what you deserve – its what you negotiate
• Everything is negotiable
• Negotiation is a state of mind
• You need to create triggers and anchors
• Negotiaphobia

Additional notes from pad

When you were somewhere – that pitches your expertise
Link a story to a gig
Nested loops

BTW several of you have asked me about……
So let me answer all of them in one go to save time

A funny German happens less often than a cultured Australian

1st fee I earned was 7/6 – car washing cars in Dobree Avenue – no 6
Not a lot more than I am earning today / a lot more then I am earning today
To this day I have never earned more than I was earning as RD

Q + A – three hours of Q + A.
People don’t do it because they can’t do it
School of hard knocks – take back control after 30 seconds – see you in the bar at 6.00 you buy the wine I will get the glasses

Visiting International speaker
Skype call for mastermind group – Fripp called it?

Think before you post anything – email anything
Get good in Coventry first

Speaking is a marketing modality – not a business

Language – Re Mark Able

Hire well – hire slowly

Social media – it’s about being interesting

People –
• Joy Marsden – accentuate the positive – proud. What have you done today to make yourself feel proud. OR translated means?
• David Avrin – slow turning handshake. Go in Fiver for Spins at back of youtube. Find a partner discuss how much you hate it whan a speaker asks you to do this
• Jenny St George – systemised. Q+A’s why people don’t do it
• Dawana St Louis – held book up. It was pure marketing. Juvinessnence
• Nigel Risner – Where there is no vision – people perish
• 12 disciples a mastermind group
• Kate Atkin – Masters in positive psychology
• Does your audience know what you do – all of the time NO
• If you want to increase your commas in your bank account – decrease the commas in what you do
• Nail your expertise
• Nabil Doss – Canadian GSF man – his “In this world of. Get his sheets
• Prof BJ Fox – anchor teeth brushing to drinking a glass of water
• Simon Hazeldene – What is what you do – worth?