Negotiation secrets of Gareth Southgate. Gareth Southgate is a very good #winwin negotiator. He recognised immediately when he was the unlikely choice to take over from Sam Allardyce. These are five of his negotiation secrets –

1 – Be as prepared as you can possibly be. Proper preparation prevents pretty poor performance.

2 – Never underestimate the other side. be prepared for the unexpected.

3 – Be courteous with everybody. Journalists, opposition, the other sides players. You never know when you might want their help. Those players might be playing for you one day.

4 – Keep your private feelings to yourself. Lose talk costs lives as Churchill said. When negotiating in the sports arena everything gets repeated by someone.

5 – Put yourself in a right state for the circumstances you face. Keep calm and carry on.

6 – Dress for success. You are more believable if you are on the touchlines encouraging the team. rather than looking like a raging bull, chewing “chewing gum”around your mouth in an arrogant way for everybody to witness.

7 – Pick the right people. Credit your team at every stage of the proceedings. Mentor and coach everyone including the young players to do all the jobs. Talk to the press, run trai’ning sessions etc.

8 – remember TEAM stands for – Together Everyone Achieves More. Look at the results that Southgate has got to date

9 – Finally if someone doesnt want to be part of the team. Have an open and honest discussion and a mutual #winwin parting of the ways

The Negotiation Speaker – Mr Negotiator