Peace summit for Brexit negotiations

Theresa May to hold Brexit peace negotiation summit for feuding cabinet Brexit negotiations are crucial for UK trade. The Negotiation Expert writes - Internal negotiations continue about the depth of the "brexit negotiations" in the UK government, who cannot agree...

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Negotiating Brexit. Why there will be resets!

When we are negotiating we always need to keep reviewing our negotiating positions. As the press reported this week the #brexit negotiations need to be reset. Resetting will happen a great deal when there are such huge issues at stake, a huge number of different...

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How to negotiate on the phone

Power Of The Phone in Negotiations Ever since digital technology started to play such a prominent in business, more and more entrepreneurs have adopted email, text messages and even social media as their primary method of communication. Of course these methods are...

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How to negotiate a discount

Mindset is key You need the right mindset. The mindset to negotiate discounts at every opportunity. Frame this thought in your mind so that always you are thinking about how you can get money off. You need to think you are going to get a reduced price on everything...

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