Why we need an authentic coach and how feedback handled properly leads to a change of behaviour!

My coaching programme includes 360 feedback in a method, which Marshall Goldsmith one of the world renowned coach recommends. I have met Goldsmith in New York and studied his methods.

You ask the coaches to give you a representative number of names that he works with, reports to….

You agree those people with him / her.

Then you send this email to the people involved asking to meet or have a telephone discussion.

“Bill has given me your name as someone who he values; who he works with and whose input he believes can help him get even better.

This feedback will be confidential, so unless agreed with you and deemed appropriate by me, Jonathan will not know where the feedback has originated from outside the people he has asked me to contact.            

If you are willing to do this to help Jonathan, then I would like to meet with you or speak with you on the telephone

The questions I would like you to consider are

1 – What is my client doing right?

2 – What does my client need to change?

3 – How can my (already successful) client get even better?

One of the benefits of this method of feedback is that as the client picks the raters, it is hard for them to deny the validity of the feedback”.

You challenge and question the feedback as it is received to make sure it is valid and de-emotionilsed. Then you give the feedback verbally in a format that the client can understand.

The Negotiating Speaker and High Performance Coach