Patricia Fripp with Derek on 64th Chat Show

Patricia who is one of the world’s leading speaker coaches, shares her secrets for marketing with an audience from the UK and from the USA.

  • Become the sort of person that you would like to do business with
  • Strategies that worked in the distant past, the recent past, now and in the future.
  • Marketing is about: Good intention, good business and looking after your customers
  • Waitress have more influence.
  • Working Through Lunchtimes
  • Ask questions
  • Three business cards
  • Something for nothing better the nothing from nothing
  • Resell your customers
  • Shameless sef-promotion
  • Start and don’t stop
  • on-going,consistent and relentless
  • Revisit, refocus and prescript
  • Listen to clients
  • The key to connection is conversation
  • Sell by doing, giving them a taste
  • Experts that speak – multifaciated in delivery
  • Be specific about referrals
  • YouTube