Don’t let a lack of time hold you back from learning. !

For the high achiever who wants to be even better. Time management / energy management needs to be managed carefully

There are only 168 hours in a week and how we use those efficiently and effectively are crucial to our success.

I was sharing some techniques with a friend of mine in Starbucks this morning. We met at 7.00am, which is a great time for my first meeting.

Our busy schedules dictated that was the most effective time for us to meet this week. What did we talk about on time management, which might be a learning point or a reminder for you? These are some of my techniques

  • Carry some of “your office” with you. Laptop, note book and “printed out” reading. This enables us to use any spare time to catch up.
  • Be early for meetings. This gives us some thinking time, gives us control, enables us to choose where we sit and have the high ground without being obvious. If people are late, as they often are, they are on the back foot, not us.
  • After any meeting. Have 5 minutes quiet time and write your own notes and action points up. I use a “black and red” book, it goes everywhere with me.
  • Always have a note pad with you. We get the best ideas when we are relaxed, when we least expect them. That is why we need one in our pocket or in our bag, by our bed or in my case when I am out walking, cycling or in the gym. I write about “alpha state / unconscious mind state” in chapter 10 of Win Win in more detail. When you grasp how it works, you can operate in a faster lane, with no extra effort. If Edison and Einstein knew about it, we should use it.
  • Use travelling time for listening to quality podcasts and audio. When you pull in, be sure to write the ideas down. If not phone your answerphone on your hands free mobile and leave yourself a message. www.negotiatorspodcast.com
  • Learn speedreading techniques www.readingsoft.com
  • Use the 80/20 rules to make sure you focus on the 20% that will contribute to 80% of the results.
  • Negotiators always need lots of preparation time before a negotiation. Create more time by using these methods. By the way, we are all negotiators.

I am delighted you found the time to read this. Now think about which of the tips you might implement next.