How to look out for lying when negotiating!

When you are @negotiating, and we are negotiating all the time when we have interactions with other people, humans tend to lie. In fact one Professor of Psychology estimate that people can lie up to 200 times a day. Of course the 200 aren’t important lies or fibs, as some people prefer to the call them.

The key lies are the ones, small in number, that we need to focus on. The ones that will make a difference to our decision making and therefore our negotiation outcome. It is the outcome that is really important. Focus in the outcome you want.

Jeff Hancock from the University of Stanford summarised the communication medium where people were likely to lie the most as this picture shows. 37% on the telephone down to 14% via email – where there is an audit trail.

So what can we takeaway from this.

1 – We should still meet people face to face to get the 3 dimensional sensory awareness of the dynamics.
2 – We should summarise the agreement and check what they are telling us if we are suspicious
3 – We should then put the agreement in writing, including what they have agreed to do and ask for their confirmation