Welcome, to this month’s briefing.  I hope things are going really well for you.


Congratulations to the England team who won the cricket world cup. 
On a wonderful summer’s evening at Lords Cricket Ground in London.

What we might learn from this victory?

  1. Preparation
    The team spent the last four years preparing for the competition.
    Using minute details in fitness, diet, skills development, mindset, psychology, coaching and mentoring.
  2. A plan
    Select both the team to play on the pitch and the backroom team carefully. Pick the team members for skills, attitude, the ability to work together and to support the common goal.
    No hidden agendas or rushing off for sponsorship deals at crucial times as the soccer players do.
  3. Use your team members to their strengths.
    The strengths where they can add the maximum value and where they are the most psychologically comfortable.
  4. Lose negative people.
    People who lower the energy levels, can be toxic and are in it for themselves, rather than for the team.
  5. Anticipate the highs and lows.
    In whatever we do in life we will have highs and lows. Plan carefully in advance how you will handle the lows. For example, the England team never criticised each other.
    They supported mistakes as learning points.
    We all make mistakes in life, it’s learning from the mistakes where we learn.
  6. Have positive team meetings.
    Short, sharp and focused. Why not have stand up meetings where everybody including the more junior members present their input. All input to be acknowledged, recognised and respected.
  7. Reinforce the positives.
    At several points in the seven week competition, the team was particularly low after a surprise defeat. They locked themselves in the dressing room and each team member was asked to highlight the individual strengths of their colleagues and the benefits they bring to the team.
  8. Smile under extreme pressure.
    I can’t imagine anything more stressful in a sports game for the ultimate prize of the world cup, having to defend 15 runs in a “super over”.
    Eoin Morgan the England captain called his team members over and said, “Smile and enjoy the moment as it is such a ridiculous situation to be in”.
    Students of psychology will tell you, smiling releases tension and creates endorphins.
  9. Momentum.
    When the momentum and the luck are in your favour, make sure you take advantage of it.
    Life appears to go in cycles.
    In business, in sales and in leadership the best time to call your customers/prospects is when you have just had a success.
    When most people will be taking a long break to celebrate success, you will be using your positive energy to your advantage.


Positive people continually remind themselves with expression and quotes from successful people.
Here are five fantastic sayings from some brilliant inspirational speakers and authors.

  1. TEAM
    Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.
  2. LUCK
    When preparation meets opportunity.
    are like air, water and nutrition.
    We need daily doses for our success.
    The only time success comes before work-hard; is in the dictionary.
    There are no short cuts on the road to success.

A few years ago I put together a small book with inspirational quotes.
I was new at writing and just like many authors I couldn’t find a publisher.
So I filed it.
I came across it yesterday when I was tidying up my filing system.
If you would like a copy, send me some feedback and JUST ASK!
It works really well.
I use it and it will work for you!

Well that’s it for this briefing.

Nine points to consider from the success of the English cricket team this week.

I wish you a fantastic month, keep writing in and keep smiling.

You know why, don’t you?


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